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So, Leo and Lola moved in with Rachel (my cat-sitter, since I'm between leases) today...

...and she had to go out to 'burbs unexpectedly tonight and forgot to leave me the keys, so I'm leaving my cats alone overnight...and being the overbearing mommy I am, I'm really worried!!! They're in a new place with nothing but each other and there's no A/C, so I left the windows open about 8 inches (they have screens, don't worry, and Lola is even too little to get up to the windowsills) and I'm just inventing all of these worst-case scenarios! I won't be able to get over there until tomorrow when I get off of work at 1...

I am so worried for my babies!
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Don't stress don't stress! They'll be fine - you know kitty kats can survive in infinitely worse situations - you'll probably be up all night anyway (lol) but they'll definitely be ok!

Try not to worry - I know it's hard - but they'll probably just sleep a lot, you know how it is
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I hope they'll be okay, and I'm sure they will be.
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Be good little furbabies until meowmy gets home, please!
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