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Wanna see my Boo Boo's?

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It's been six weeks since my surgery and I had my cast off today. I'll still be in a removable boot for awhile but at least I can take it off and wash it and moisturize it! The pictures below look pretty painful but not to worry. It actually feels great! So scroll down if you think you want to see it. Oh, and remember, I still have a lot of swelling in the ankle and leg. And my skin is pretty dry and flakey!

These show the incission along the side/bottom of the foot and another one going up the leg. The one up the ankle is the one the doc used to debried and repair the achilles tendon (cut out all the dead tissue) and also where he transplanted the muscle into the back of my leg. The one on my foot is where he was able to access the muscle on the bottom of my foot to cut a strip and transplant it.

And this is the small one on the other side of my ankle. It's already fading quickly. Probably because it is only about an inch. This is the one the doctor used to harvest the FHL tendon, which he wrapped around my achilles and sewed to it to make it stronger.

Ok.... so I already know I'm weird! But I'm just amazed at the before and after. NO MORE PAIN!! (after 8-10 years)
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Well that's great, it's terrible to be troubled with something that long, I had carpel tunnel for about 5 years then it got so bad, the pain was so horrible I finally had surgery and it was the most wonderful feeling not to wake up in the middle of the night with all that pain, Hope your feeling Marvloussssssssss Soon
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Glad your getting better! I hope you get a quick recovery! And don't feel bad about your husband had 2 beautiful blue shoes last spring!
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These are wonderful photos, Tammy! Isn't it just amazing what they can do now! Hurray! No pain!Kisses from us to your boo boo's!
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Ouch, that looks pretty painful. I'm glad you're feeling better.
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Yeah, it looks painful, but it also looks like it's very busy healing. Glad to hear that you have such relief, already!
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That's some serious surgery that went on there! Get well soon!
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Aw Tammie! Feel better soon! Those pics made me cringe!
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It looks like everything is healing well!

It is amazing what they can do these days! I'm glad that you're now pain free! It must be such an excellent feeling!
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It is so amazing what they can do. And the human body amazes me too. My leg is still pretty swollen though and I guess I was a little surprised about that. From what I understand it is normal to take a while though.

I'm just so glad to be feeling so much better and without pain! And the boot really doesn't bother me. I've worn one on and off for the last 10 years anyway. And more on then off the last year, so I'm pretty used to it!
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That does look like it's quite painful!!, healing vibes to you for a quick recovery {{{{ }}}}
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That was some serious foot/leg work!! It must feel good to be painfree (even to me it look painful!!) Hoping the rest of your recovery goes well!!
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I hope you are all healed up soon!
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Considering what you had done, I think it looks great! May the healing process be quick!
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I had carpal tunnel surgery done a few months ago, and though it didn't go as planned, it finally feels ok now and so I understand what it is to finally be "painfree". Now as for you young lady, relax and take it easy. Let everyone cater to you for a change!!!! play up the "oh it hurts" angle!!! maybe you'll even get breakfast in bed!!!!!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
Glad your getting better! I hope you get a quick recovery!

Get well soon best wishes for you!
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