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Uh oh

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Oh boy. Someone....passed...something funky looking over here and I don't know which one of the boys did it. I assume it was thrown up, but I don't know that for sure. It was green, and slimy, and sort of looked like green beans in a pod, except I've never eaten green beans here so it couldn't be that. Both boys seem to be acting pretty normal, so I have no idea what happened. Whatever it is, its in a little baggie that will either be thrown in the trash if no one shows symptoms of anything, or else will be taken to the vet. Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions though?
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Sounds like a hair ball, I don't know why they call it a ball because it is a long nasty looking thing
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A hair ball would make sense - both boys are long-haired and Billy especially is shedding hair all over the place right now. Sheesh, if they'd call it "hair beans" or something I might have figured that out. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!
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Do your cats go outside? Maybe its grass or leaves or something with the hair.
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Yeah it could have been throup (ew)

or a Hair Ball (every cat has them )

I think its probably a Hair ball cause it kinda sounds like my cats hair balls (yuck .lol.)
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I don't think it's a hairball unless your kitties have green fur!
One could have eaten some grass if they go out doors. When my kitties used to go outside they'd throw up these very wide blades of grass.
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Hairballs aren't green- it could be food or bile
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Just watch them carefully. It could be something they ate that trailed in on your shoe or something.
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