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!!!!!!!!!!!help Emergency!!!!!!!!!!!

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My cat is suffering!!!!!!! He got into a bad cat fight and now has a serious cut on his neck, the dimensions of the cut are roughly 3/4"L x 1/4W x 1/6"D!
We washed the area with Hydrogen Peroxide and put anti-biotic ointment on gauze and placed the bandage on him. He didn't like the bandage so my sister decided to place a sock on his foot to prevent him from scratching at his neck. She placed it on him loosely, so he bit the rubberband and pulled, thus closing off some circulation to his foot. The "sock" was on for 12 hrs and now his foot has swelled up to an enormous size (2x), the foot still has warmth and I think some color (He's charcoal black). Please give me some advice, I the vet doesnt open until 9:00am!
Thanks, Nathan
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Hi Nathan~

Is there any way possible you can get to an emergency vet tonight? I would worry about leaving the leg go overnight - I would be concerned with kitty possibly losing his leg from lack of circulation/infection. Plus, if an infection happens to arise from the injury, you don't want it to travel throughout his body. My mother's dog got into a fight years ago. We cleaned the wound and bandaged it. It looked fine but within hours infection spread so we rushed him to a vet. They said he would not have made it through the night. The bacteria from the injury site caused him to have chills, fever and become unresponsive. Very close call and I would hate to see you and your kitty go through that. I would leave nothing to chance. Please post if you can get in somewhere and keep us updated!!

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I agree Nathan, you don't want to fool around with a circulation issue or a wound. If you call your vet's office number, they will usually as part of their 'we are open these hours" message, have a number of an animal emergency clinic for you to call if after hours.
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VET-Now! This is not something to mess around with. Peroxide simply burns tissue does nothing else but look impressive. You cat needs the wound looked at, debreeded, stitched up and needs antibiotics, without this intervention, you are looking at your cat coming down with a bad infection and possibly dying-
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The vet is not an option for me until tomorrow, is there anything I can do in the meantime? I've been massaging the foot and noticed that the swelling has gone down a bit (I would say his foot now is just a half time larger now). Should I place the paw in warm water?

Thank you very much for your concern, Nathan
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Yes, we're very concerned! Please, please get your kitty to the Emergency Vet immediately!
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Deffinately get the kitty to the vet ASAP. My cat had a neck injury before and the vet visit was crucial. Her wound was so large I could see her muscle underneath, it was as if the other cat had opend it's mouth wide and took a bite out of her. As far as the leg, I don't really know what to say. I would think trying to massage the leg gently would help stimulate circulation. But honestly I don't know for sure. Good luck! I'll say some prayers for your kitty!
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If the foot is still warm and swelling is continuing to go down, the foot will most likely be OK. It has happened once or twice to our clinic. When staying overnight here, animals almost always have an iv cath which has to be bandaged to its leg. The vet wrap bandaging we were using (we use something else now) was tightening overnight and since we don't have anyone there overnight, the foot would swell. And the animals would be there about 12 hours by themselves. We never had any complications afterwards.

As for the wound, the best thing to wash it out with would be Dial soap. If he won't keep the bandage on around his neck, just put some antibiotic ointment in the cut so dirt and whatnot can't get into it.

Hope everything turns out ok.. keep us updated!
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i have an GO TO THE V.E.T!!!!!!!

i am sorry about your cat gettting in a cat fight and i hope your kitty gets better sooon...... keep us updated
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How come the vet isn't an option for you until tomorrow?
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Don't they have an emergency clinic for after hours? This cat needs to have serious medical attention tonight!!
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My cat seems to be doing much better now with the foot almost back to its original size, he's up and about in the house playing with his toy mouse again. I've treated the wound as gratefulbear629 described, so he should be in better shape until morning when he sees the vet.

The reason the true vet: The My "vet" is actually an animal shelter, the staff treats my cat for free but it does not open until 9:00am. Trust me, I want nothing but the best for my cat, but my wallet can only go so far <-- I'am POOR!
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Hi Nathan~

So happy to hear your kitty is feeling better. Have you been able to get to the shelter today?? I hope everything works out for you.

I wanted to apologize in case my original reply came off as snotty. I never doubted you would do anything for kitty and going to a shelter for treatment is nothing to feel awkward about! We have all had pet emergencies and sometimes the money is just not there...And I know a lot of vets shy away from billing. Please still keep us updated on your cat!!

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Originally Posted by Nathan
The reason the true vet: The My "vet" is actually an animal shelter, the staff treats my cat for free but it does not open until 9:00am. Trust me, I want nothing but the best for my cat, but my wallet can only go so far <-- I'am POOR!
So you don't have vet, I don't think the animal shelter staff is qualified or have the things to treat a badly injured or sick cat. You really need to call around and find a vet. Once s/he has seen your cat some will work out a payment plan.
Good Luck
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My little panther is in great shape now, his foot is now back at its correct shape and the staff was able to put some sort of butterfly bandage on his wound. They said they had seen worse before, but that I should pay very close attention to the wound, changing the gauze and looking for signs of infection; to keep him from scratching his wound, they placed some sort of a latex coverd cloth. Thank yall again for all your help and support with my cat!!!!

Thanks, Nathan
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That is great news, Nathan.
Glad you kitty is back to his normal self.

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Great news, Nathan!
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I'm so glad!
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That is great news. Keep us updated about how he is doing.
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