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Oh no!

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Ruby killed a bird!! I went out this morning to feed her and there was a little mangled bird on the back steps and feathers everywhere.

Does anyone know, do dogs do this??? I am very upset...
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Yes, hon, sometimes they do, it's not uncommon. We have a Border Collie x Lab in our spunky Sandy puppy and she is fascinated by birds - anything that flies. Is Ruby a Yellow Lab or? If a Labrador, they're good natured sweet dogs, but they do hone a s trong hunting instinct. Wait and see who else posts - I'm interested in this as well, as Sandy will chase but not yet kill.
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She's a Labradoodle so she's smart AND agile!! She chases birds all the time but I didn't think she'd ever actually kill one she is so sweet.

I was very wimpy and just fed Ruby and then fled to work. I didn't pick up the bird because I couldn't bear it but now I feel silly for leaving it there. Max is convinced Ruby will pick up some horrible disease and wants me to go home and pick it up.
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On average, I take one dead bird per month away from Pearl. With her being part pit bull, its hard to get her to let go of them. I use the charcoal tongs to pick them up and toss them into the trash bin.

Mom had a pit/greyhound mix that caught birds, too.
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I rang the vet to see if I should go home and retrieve the bird - and they said it's probably not there anymore....ewwwwwwwwww!!!

Oh well, I guess it has given her something to do for the morning and the birds'll just have to be quicker next time.

But my kitties don't even catch birds so it's all a bit strange!
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Ruby is such a beautiful little pup, Sarah! I'm sure she didn't mean the little bird any harm but was just playing!
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Labs have great hunting instinks (sp?) I'm sure it won't be the last time she does something like that
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Yes, I know. She can't help herself - she still goes berserk when she gets too close to one of the cats - especially Sunday. Sashka just runs away but Sunday stands her ground and looks at Ruby with complete scorn and Ruby just can't bear it!! She goes into what Max calls a `maddie' and does an Indi-500 around and around wherever she happens to be. The poor little bird would have been too tempting for her.

But Ruby's not little anymore! In eight weeks she has gone from 5.2kg to 13.1kg - or 11.4lb to 28.8lb!!! Now when she jumps up to greet you her paws are above your waist - I always grab them and do a little boogie with her, she loves it!
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Yeah, our "innocent" Caeser killed a rat once. This really upset me, because I keep rats as pets. Don't stress, its normal doggy behavior.
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I had a black lab one that loved to chase and kill birds.. It's in thier nature, they are "retrievers" so dont be suprised if she brings home little "gifts" to you. It's supposedly a sign of affection.
Just be happy that she doesn't bring home a skunk like him did . It made my mom so sick because at the time she had pnuemonia and couldnt stand the smell...
I also had a cat Oreo, who liked to bring me dead lizards and drop them on my chest...which is oh so sweet at 2 in the moring!
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LOL! I knew cats brought you `gifts' but I didn't know we'd be blessed with a doggie that did too! Fantastic...hehe

It was right on the back step so I guess she was presenting us with it after all....ewwww
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