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Input on how we are introducing our kittens to each other?

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Our kittens are 11 and 8 weeks old. They got a little bit of a quick introduction, due to me not having communicated to dh how I felt they should be introduced. So they met the first day I brought Senja home, but it went pretty well. They were both being held at the time.

I have since kept them mostly away from each other and exchanging smells between them etc. which doesn't seem to make a difference for any of them. They have seperate litterboxes but don't mind using each other's. Same with food and water, also toys.
I have let them play with each other's paws in the crack under the door that seperates them, and they both will play, seeming to like this. Also I've had Senja (the new one) in her carrier while Jasmine is in the room, and Jasmine will "play" very actively and Senja doesn't seem to mind, she plays right along. However, I wonder if Jasmine's play is aggressive. She doesn't look aggressive other than just being very persistent in her very active play.

They also have met on the floor a few times and Jasmine will immediately charge after Senja in an aggressive way, her ears folding back a bit, and she'll bite. We seperate them immediately at that point, although dh took a new approach to this today, spraying the aggresor with water. That helps somewhat. But wondering if this is a bad idea...

I can't see any aggressive signs in her tail, ears or fur, an no hissing or growling as long as there is something between them, but Jasmine still seems so aggerssive! .

Any input or thoughts about this whole ordeal?
Also, when friendly cats play, will they show aggression in body language, like ears back, tail swishing fast back and forth, and fur on back/tail fluffing up?
I guess I just have a hard time judging whether they are playing or fighting..... Again, there is no growling or hissing.
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It's only play. There is no reason to spray water. Sudden lunges, wrestling, stiff legged, tails up...All signs of play.
Remember, kitten play fights are just ways of which cats train themselves to be more agile and strong.
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Kittens that young, I wouldn't worry about. I am fostering two brothers right now that have been together their whole lives, and they'll 'stalk' each other, arch backs, dance around, ears flat back, and 'attack' one another. They're just honing their skills and learning what is acceptable and what isn't. If one bites and the other yelps, the biter learns that it hurts and so learns not to bite so hard.

They just wanna play
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Well, how can I judge whether they really start hating eachother if this is just play? I mean, if agressive behaviour in kittens is just play, how will I know if it starts not being play anymore? And how will I know that they are ready to be around eachother without us watching them all the time? I feel so nervous about this.

It's the first time I've had more than one cat at a time, so I am toatlly inexperienced in this.

One more concern is that my oldest kitten, 11 weeks, really is starting to get a mind of her own... Please see my other thread about this, which will be called "Sweet kitten getting more agressive; normal or is she not happy?" I will post it as soon as I'm done posting this reply. I wonder if it's related to the new kitty; as you can see, I truly am nervous and uptight about this. I am longing for peace and harmony for us all.
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First, you need to calm down. Your kittens will sense your stress and pick it up!
Kittens believe it or not, will learn on their own to coexist peacefully. Cats in general dislike confrontations. It is normal for the older cat to tell the others who is boss. She may or may not be challenged. But this is normal cat behavior.
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I CANT' BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
You guys were RIGHT, they WERE just playing!!!!!!!
I've let them be all day, and they have played and played, biting and chasing and stalking, but they actually take turns! Then they will loose interest, then pick up their play again. Only a couple of times have I interveaned and seperated them, when Senja was crying and Jasmine wouldn't let up. Otherwise they've been very good and I can not believe my eyes! This very moment they have curled up together under my desk, for a nap!!!!!!!!!
And I who thought we were weeks away from this!
Thank you so much for helping me through this, I am so happy!!!
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Congratulations! Sometimes I think we kitty parents worry too much. I was much the same with Bijou and Mika - always concerned they were going to hurt each other when in fact they were just playing.
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