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You have my concern, tears, and empathy. You know you can call me anytime! Please.

Jet and Belle have finally met!
Imagine what they're saying bout us.

Love to you.
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Dear Cassie, it took me awhile to come over here because it hit me hard. You loved her so much and tried so hard to get her well. You did everything you could and loved her as much as you could in the short time that she was here. The tribute to her is as lovely as she is, and I know that she is looking down on you now, happy and healthy as she waits for you to be reunited someday. May God comfort you and give you peace.
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RIP Belle!
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What a lovely tribute Cassie. I am so sorry for your loss.

RIP sweet Belle.

Karen and Abby
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I am so sorry it turned out like htis for you and for Belle. But you loved her so much and did all you could, including giving her peace at last.
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Moved and merged these posts Cassie- sorry that Belle didn't make it
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I'm so sorry that this post appeared here, Cassie. It is a lovely post for her and Belle looks so beautiful with her new angel wings. She will have lots of friends to play with at The Bridge until you meet up with her again someday .
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Cassie, I am so sorry for your loss. I know this has been so hard for you. We all wanted Belle to get better! She is happy and free over the bridge.

I really believe that someday good will come from this painful experience you have had. I believe that when you are a vet, you will be so much better, for having known Belle. She will be your inspiration to fight your way through school to become a vet, and to someday help families like yours who suffer along with their pets!

I have grown to love Belle as you described her so well in your posts. I'm sorry this little red cat is gone, I will miss her too!
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I am heartbroken, Cassie! I love you, and I love your kitties. belle was special to me. I am so sorry!
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Cassie, i'm so sorry about Belle - just caught the thread. she's cuddling w/Limeny as we speak
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Oh Cassie, I am so sorry about your beautiful baby Belle

RIP sweet Belle
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So, so sorry to hear about Belle. We know that the both of you faced it with such a fight for life. It was just her time to go but she left you with such warm memories and love.

Jana, Lucy, Much, and Carly,
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Cassie, you know you can IM me (or PM me and I'll make it so you can call me) any time that you need support. You are in my thoughts. Belle is at peace now and you were a loving mommy to her.
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We are deeply sorry over Belle. She was very loved and she's in no pain, watching over all of us now. RIP BElle.
Saba & Sasha
& Elizabeth
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Cassie, as you can see, you and Belle have touched a lot of people here. I'm so sorry it turned out this way, but I'm so glad that you shared a little of Belle and Limeny with us here! I think our lives are a little more special for that. Prayers for you and yours.

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I just noticed this thread....oh, Cassie I am so sorry for the pain you are feeling now. RIP dear Belle and saying prayers for you as you deal with your grief.
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how are you today? how are the other kitties?
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Hey all. Thanks for your words. It's really hard, but it helps to know so many people care.

The kitties are okay. I think they could sense she was going to go. So, I think they were prepared. They seem okay, though I'm sure they miss her.

We're okay. We miss her like crazy... I miss her cuddles, and laying down with her on my chest, purring away. I'm glad she's happy and healthy in Heaven, even though I miss her. It would be selfish to keep her here in pain. I told her to say hi to Limeny, and to tell my puppy Thunder to keep an eye on her, and I know my grandma is up there holding her for me. She might even be in the arms of Jesus as I speak. I'm happy for her.

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Cassie, I'm crying as I sit here and read this thread. I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet Belle. I know that she and my Charley are watching down on us.

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Cassie, your Belle was truly and angel. What a beautiful cat. Take comfort in your memories of her.
Losing a cat is hard. We went through that in July and it hurts every day. But this forum is a wonderful place of supportive friends. A lot of us know what you are going through and we will be thinking of you and praying for peace in your heart.

Belle, you rest in peace you sweet angel. You were a precious cat and you were truly blessed to have such a loving family here on this earth.
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