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Speshul Prayers Pleeze!!

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for our kitty fren Belle.....
She is been taken to nuvver vet tamoarrow...we loves her. pleeze, alla kitties pray an fold their paws. She has CH and is not doin good! We sad sad sad
thank u, S & H
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Bobbie, I am so sorry to hear that. I will be thinking of her and Rufus and Lukey will too.
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I am praying for Belle. Please feel better little girl!
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Prayers and to Belle from Joji, Skinny, QT, Wawa, Jello and their mom!
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Originally Posted by yayi
Prayers and to Belle from Joji, Skinny, QT, Wawa, Jello and their mom!

Me and tia and meomwy praying too, get better Belle. We loves you.
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Smudgie, Elsa & Tigger prayin too!
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Enny nooze on Belle, we wanna kno?
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Cassie thought Belle might be having mild strokes. She took her to the vet today. She says that Belle has a strong infection, in addition to the CH. It has gone to her brain. The vet gave Cassie some super strong antibiotics for Belle and wants to see her in a week.

This is what Cassie told me:

Belle definitely has CH, but she has some sort of infection with it that's in the brain. The vet gave her some steriods to give her every other day, and some extremely strong antibiotics that will be able to get into the brain. She wants to see her in another week. If she doesn't get better by then, she probably won't. BUT, let's hope this works.

We all need to pray, send good vibes, whatever you believe in.....but let's please think of that little kitty being well.
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Hey all, it's me. Thank-you Bobbie for posting about Belle. She's not doing well, as you all can see. We're hoping and praying that this medicine works. However, we also HAVE to prepare ourselves for what might happen. Our vet has made clear that this is not a guarantee. The new vet we went to today was very nice, knowledgable, and even wrote her thesis paper on neurological issues in cats.
I feel so bad for my baby. She can barely walk, that's if she can even sit up, she can't use the LB... I have to hold her, otherwise she just falls out and deficates on her side as she's laying down... she can't get to her food, water, or anything.

Well, I gotta go....

Thanks for the prayers!

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I'm praying for you
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For Cassie and Belle! We're thinking and praying for you!
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Little Belle, I'm praying for you. Bobbie, please tell Cassie we're all beside her during this difficult time.
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oh Cassie, I love your little Belle so much. I will be focusing on her and wishing her the best. I have been wondering if she is maybe having seizures, but I guess at this point we just have to pray and pray and pray.
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Just caught this thread.
I'm sorry to hear Belle isn't doing well
Sending extra special vibes her way.
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we havnt herd aneethin today. we jus pray the antibyotic wurk.
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Hi all! Sorry I haven't updated you! Been busy... work and Belle's needing lots of attention and love! Well, she's doing a little better. A little better. She's not in the clear yet, so keep praying please! She still can't walk very well, but she isn't wanting to sleep and sit still all the time, like she's been lately. She can't get to her food, and has trouble with dry, so she's getting a lot of wet food. She still can't use the LB by herself, and I have to help her, and she can't drink out of a bowl (she can, but it's really hard and she doesn't get enough) so I have to give her water through a syringe. But she's doing a little better the past couple of days. I was talking to my mom.... it's sad that this is better. But, I'm hoping soon that better will be completely healthy.

Thanks again for the prayers! Every single one is appreciated!

Cassie and Family, furry and non
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sending tons and tons of get well vibes to belle! i'm sure she'll pull through and be as cute as ever.
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Prayers, vibes, head butts and kisses from Olly, Emma and meowmy Julianna. She's a tough little girl...I just know she can pull through this.
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I am still lpraying for her, get well soon sweet Belle. :-)
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sending hugs & prayers!
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Get well, Miss Belle! (Hey! That Rhymes! ) We all love you! to you and meowmy Cassie and sissy Annie O.
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She's not doing all that well... she should have been a lot better by now. Keep praying... keep praying hard.
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Originally Posted by CJandBilly
She's not doing all that well... she should have been a lot better by now. Keep praying... keep praying hard.

We praying hard rite NOW We loves her and you, yur friends jasper and tia
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I just got off the phone with the vet. She said that she should be showing signs of improvement by now, and she should be a good bit better. She said since she hasn't after 5 full doses, it won't. She said there's nothing more we can do for her... except.........................

I gotta go... it's too hard to type through the tears.

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Oh, Meowmy Cassie. We're sending you all the very best purrs and vibes.
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Cassie, I am so sorry. I am thinking of Belle and you and sending all the good get well vibes I can. Howard, Lukey & Rufus.
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Cassie, you and your fur family are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so sorry you're all going through this right now.
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We're praying really hard here...I am so sorry you have to go through this. I just hope that Belle can turn the corner soon...
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oh Cassie -- we're all praying and crying here. We're praying and praying real hard for our little Belle - we love her so much!
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I am so sorry, Cassie. My kits and I wish you and sweet Belle peace. May God grant you wisdom as you care for your baby, and physical improvement for little Belle!
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