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Welcome back. I am so glad everything went well for you. Pretty soon baby Ron is going to be chatting on-line with us & mommy won't be able to get to the computer!
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I am so happy for you. Ron is a beautiful baby. Mother and son look perfect together. What a great time of life for you.

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Congratulations! That is such wonderful news!!! I am so glad baby Ron is doing well and that Mom is recovering also.

Ron is absolutely precious!
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Ron is gorgeous. I'm so glad he's home and well and has such wonderful parents.
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those of you who want more pics, check out Ron's bi-lingual website:

There's a link there to the photo album, where you can find some more pics I haven't had the time or energy to update the text though
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Anne, I went and looked at that site when I got your e-mail this morning about it, and I LOVED it! Can't wait to see the rest of it, when it is done!!
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Awwwwwwwww...Anne, that's sooooo nice!!! I bookmarked it so I can see more of it when it's done! I've never seen a baby in it's mother's tummy before...not like that!!! That's so cool! Thank you for sharing that!!

Love & Hugs!!!
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Thanks for sharing the link to Ron's website with us, it's awesome!! I plan to check the website periodically for updates on Ron, it will be so much fun watching him grow!!!
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I really like the photo album. Even hubby thinks Ron is cute!

You take care of yourself and rest up. Your health is the most important thing - and a c-section is surgery after all! Don't forget to accept help if it's offered, it's always good to get a break.

Good for you for trying breastfeeding. My daughter was never sick, and I'm pretty sure a large part of it was nursing. She was on solids before a year, but continued to nurse at bedtime until she was almost 3, when I kind of forced her to wean (I'd had enough and she was starting to nibble more than suck).

Enjoy your new family!
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Woohoo so glad mother and baby are fine
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Thanks again everyone!

I'm really sorry about not being on the forums more often. I seem to be spending my days nursing, changing diapers and getting some sleep when Ron is asleep. Hubby went back to work today, so that was oir first day at home without him. I went over to my mother-in-law and it was a great help. She took care of Ron and I could get some undisturberd sleep between nursing sessions.

Tomorrow my mom is coming over so that will be a great help as well. I'm still quite sore from the operation, so I need someone around to help me. I can't even pick up anything that I drop on the floor.

I know I've been neglecting the site - sorry! I promise I'll pick everything up real soon. Meanwhile, you can check out Ron's site for new pictures taken yesterday
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Anne, I know how you feel. But don't worry about us. Having a baby, especially via c-section is very hard. You are a little weak so just get plenty of rest and get your family to help you. You just relax.
We have everything under control, right gang? So go back to sleep. Is Ron sleeping in his crib or are you having him sleep besides you?
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Anne, it's so nice to see you post even for a second. Don't worry about us little cyber people where fine and dandy! :laughing2 Take good care of yourself and hugs to all of you!!! Especially big kibby wibby hugs to your gorgeous, baby 'lil Ron We miss you! Just have a great time spending all this precious time with your baby!!! Do you have a PO Box number? I would like to send a gift!

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From the pictures, little Ron just gets cuter every day!!!!
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how precious! he's looks so alert! savor everyminute with him, they grow too fast.
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His eyes are soooo clear and his face is glowing!! What a happy baby!!

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What a beautiful baby! I'll be checking that website often to see him grow. They get big so quickly!
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Oh Anne he's gorgeous! I'm so glad to hear things went okay and that you're both home now.

Congratulations to you and Alpha !!!!
:teddy: :angel2: : :blubturq:
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Nice to see you back! I'm glad you are ok ..... Ron is so cute! He looks like he will be a ladies' man when he gets older hehe :teddy: :angel4:
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Anne, Alpha my congrats will come a bit late but anyway....You've been blessed with a wonderful son!!!! And he is blessed with wonderful parents!!! Please give him a kiss from me!
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Anne & Alpha, many CONGRATULATIONS to the two of you and your new and beautiful family !!!

in my thoughts,
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I'm very happy for all three of you! May you have wonderful lives together, for many years!

:homer: :blossom:

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How are things going with little Ron? How are you and hubby doing?
:teddy: :angel4: :flower:
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Well Anne Congrats
Better late than never.

I have been away for a while so I missed this post, but just wanted to add my congrats to you.

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Congratulations to you all!
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Congratulations Anne and Alpha. So pleased to hear that you are all well. And thank-you so much for the photos posted - oh dear, I hear that biological clock ticking...... Please post some nasty ones of crying at 3am and nappy changing to put me off.

Well done to the proud parents.
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