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What wonderful photographs!!!!!!! The baby is gorgeous, and Anne looks wonderful. I am so happy for both of you!!
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Thank you so much for sharing those pictures with us!!! The baby is so gorgeous, and Anne looks like she is doing very well!!!
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OMG! He is a beautiful baby! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful gift from God!
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What a gorgeous little boy! He looks huge already!

Is he rooming in with Anne? How long will you be in the hospital? Are you planning to breastfeed? It kind of looks like it in one of the photos. I bet you all can't wait to get home and settle in to being a family.

Congratulations! Blessings and joy!
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How blessed you must feel. He is so handsome!!!
Thanks for sharing... Now that you started this you must continue with more pics so we all can be part of his growing up!
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Gorgeous baby! Good Job Anne and Alpha!
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Oh what a handsome little guy!!! He has beatiful coloring, such a healthy glow! (mama too!)

Anne, even without a "smile" you're beaming!

I'm so happy for you all!
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It's not so often you see a brand new baby look so beautiful...you've certainly been blessed in so many ways!!! Sooooooo sweet...Please give him a hug from me too!! Anne, you look fantastic and what a proud Mommy!!!

Love & Hugs!!!

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He is absolutely gorgeous. Very well done, you two.
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Wow! He is a big, beautiful baby!!! Huge. How much did he weigh at birth in terms of pounds? And what was his measurement in height? I love those pictures. Anne looks great too. Congratulations on the new family! May God Bless you all!!
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Congratulations to both of you. I am so happy for you!
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Little Ron is absolutely PERFECT!!! I LOVED the pictures!!! I am so thrilled that you posted them for us, Alpha!! Thank you!!!
He is so adorable!!!

Anne looks like she is doing well also, please tell her how happy we all are, and that we are enjoying the pictures of her and little Ron!
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congratulation a paws up for the new member. :tounge2: :blubturq: :daisy: :flower: :flower: :angel4: :teddy:
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What a beautiful baby Ron is!Congratulations and much happiness to your wonderful family. You must be busting your buttons with pride!
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AWW! Ron is so beautiful, what a little charmer. Mom you better watch out! When he grows up because he is going to be a Chick magnet and have all the Girls falling in love with him.
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Sorry my congratultions are so late, been without a computer. Congrats on the new family member,so glad everything went without a hitch!
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CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!! The feeling of a new baby is something you can't explain in words! At least that's how I felt! I am so happy for you guys! Take in as much time as you can with your new babe and get all the rest you can. If family or friends offer to help.. LET THEM!!! You deserve it! You have all the time in the world to bond with each other! AGAIN, CONGRATS!
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My My!!! What a beautiful baby boy!!! Congratulations to you both!!! You 2 must be drooling over such a beautiful, gorgeous boy!!!!

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We finely got back home with little baby Ron. I am in bed now, breast feeding and dictating this post to hubby (All spelling mistakes on me - Alpha...).
First, thank you all for your kind words, it warms our hearts to read the posts.
I had the c. section on Monday. Hubby was with me in the operating room. It was scary, but I didn't feel any pain.
Ron was 7 pounds. We stayed in the hospital in a private room with full rooming in. Accept for some short medical tests Ron stayed with us all the time from the moment he was born.
I feel Ok except for some pain in the stitches, but I am very tired, so I don't think I will visit very often in the next few days.
Love you all, Anne (and Alpha!)
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Awwww...Anne it's so sweet of you to come on and talk to us!! I'm so glad to hear you're all in your home sweet home!! I'm sure you're just bursting with joy!!

Wonderful thoughts of you and both Big Ron and Little Ron sharing a Happy, Healthy and Beautiful future together!!

Love & Hugs,
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I'm so glad you are home with Ron. Congratulations once again on the birth. And try to REST!!!!
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Welcome home!

Can't wait to see more pics of Ron!

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Glad to hear everyone's doing well. Try to get lots of sleep - it's something that you can't seem to get enough of during the first year.
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It's nice to know the three of you are now back home and adjusting to your new life as a family. Baby Ron is going to keep you really busy for the next few months, so don't forget to take some time for yourself once in a while. Please keep us updated on how Ron is doing, and more pictures of him would really nice too!!!
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WELCOME HOME from me too!
You DO need to rest and NOT worry about us - we will manage.
Hope the breast feeding thing is going OK!
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Anne, I'm glad you are home and are doing well, except for being tired. Please get lots and lots of rest, and come back when you are feeling stronger.
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So happy to hear that Baby Ron has been born and all went well...Congrats
Rest well and good luck in the next few weeks, as you, hubby and Ron adjust to family life!!!
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Yay! It must be so nice to be home, for me everything was sureal til I got home. Now you will bond even more, even though it seems impossible! But it is a pain with all the nurses and everyone messing with you all the time. I hope breastfeeding is going well. Just a heads up, if he isn't already a vigorous eater, babies tend to hit a 2 week growth spurt and all they do is eat, very tough on the nursing mom. I had second thoughts the entire first month Logan was home, but we made it through! Good luck, get some rest while you can! and Congrats again!
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Glad to see you're home and all is well with little Ron Breastfeeding is the most amazing bonding experience. I found it a little tough in the beginning, but once you settle into a routine its wonderful. Keep us updated Anne, and the more pics the better :teddy:
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