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Our son was born today

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Hello everybody.
We had a c.section today, and Anne gave birth to our son, Ron.
Anne is feeling great (though in some pain of course) and sends her love to you.
Ron is a beautiful infant and looks much like his mother.
He was born at 12:20 israel time and is 3.200 kg.
He is relaxed and he didn't cry without a very good reason. Most of the time he sleeps. (The lad is already 6 hr old!).
I am with Anne all the time (we have a room only for us) except this short brake.
So I must leave, bye!!!!!!
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that is wonderful news!!!!
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:teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

That is such awesome news! Its great to hear that Ron is happy and healthy! Can't wait to see pics of the little bundle of joy
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I am glad both Anne 7 Ron are doing well. Congratulations on your new family!
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Thats so wonderful!!!
I'm glad Anne and baby Ron are doing well!

Give Anne my love please!
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wonderful news!!!!!!!!!! Welcome Little Ron and Happy Birthday!
:rainbow: :teddy: :baloon: :blubturq: :blubturq: :flash:
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Congrats to all. Welcome Ron into a wonderful family. Please give Anne my best and tell her to rest up and check in whenever she can (and if she can't, you can keep us posted).

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Congratulations to the new parents!!!!
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How wonderful that a new sould was born today.
I am sooo glad that both Ann & Ron are doing well. When time allows please post some pictures so that all of us can uuuuuuh, ooooooh & ahhhhhhhhhh over him. Shalom
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Hey Anne and Alpha! Congratulations on the birth of your baby, Ron. Please get rested and enjoy your little addition!
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Congratulations to you both! It is my prayer that Ron may grow strong and healthy and free from the hate and prejudice that is pagueing the Middle East today! May God Bless your family, always. (I am sure Little Ron will not be spoiled. . .. . .. .
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Congratulations! This is great news. I'm so happy for you both. Please give baby Ron a big kiss for all of us here at the Cat Site!
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And you thought you were tired before! Now the fun begins!

Congratulations to both you, Anne, and Alpha on baby Ron's arrival. You have been a trooper throughout this entire pregnancy and deserve all the happiness of enjoying this little boy, who we all knew so well before he really arrived.
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Congratulations!!! I'm glad to hear that mom and baby are doing well!
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Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you and Anne, and that Ron arrived safe and healthy!!!!!!!!!

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Add me to all the rest. VERY good news!!!! Congratulations to all the family.
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Congratulations Anne and Alpha on
the birth of Baby Ron !!!!!!!!!
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I am so very very happy to hear this!!!!!! What great news!!!!! Please give Anne and baby Ron a big hug and kiss for me, and send them my love!!!!!!!
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Congratulations Anne & Alpha !!!!!!
So glad that all went well and you sweet baby boy has arrived.
Post some pics soon!!!!

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How wonderful that you have your precious baby - may you all have a wonderful life together as a family. You have so many new things in store now - the first time he rolls over, the first time he sits up, the first word, the first smile, the first step - and the miracle will go on and on. Congratulations!
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This is very great news that mother and baby are doing fine.
Much joy and love are coming your way. Congrats.
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:laughing: :angel2: :clown: :laughing2
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I am so happy for you all!Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you all very much,
We don't have an internet conection at the hospital, but I will save the forum files and show them to Anne.
Ron was born on Monday, 12:20. Here are some pic.
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YEY!!! ANNE, ALPHA!!! FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! So glad to hear you are all doing well - baby RON is GORGEOUS!! :pinky: :blubturq: :girly1:
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Oh, Ron is such a beautiful boy!!! He looks so content and healthy. Thanks for posting the pics :teddy:
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This is wonderful news. May God belss your family and wrap you in His protection.
Ron sure looks like a little sweetie

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