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I agree with Heidi's idea. It just makes the fireplace like that.
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i think you should leave it the way it is and add heidis glaze
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yep leave it white/cream and add the glaze that looks really good.
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Either do it all up cream again or go with Heidi's glaze thing, which I am really digging.
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I voted to paint it. I love color. It's a lovely fireplace, whatever you decide to do I'm sure it will look great!
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Thanks for all your input, guys!!! You've helped me say "I told ya so" to my hubby . I will take more pics once we're completely finished with this room. We're integrating a tile centerpiece with the hardwood floors in this room. That will sort of tie the tile on the fireplace in with the rest of the room. The cream on the fireplace is tied into our gorgeous crown molding and floor trim. I can't wait until it's all done. the rest of the room is relatively simple, warm, clean, and elegant. That's why we wanted to make the fireplace a little more dramatic. The dark green and cream colors are going to be an accent color in the room (same green window scarves, couch pillows, etc.) Again, thanks for the input, you guys are the best!!!
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I vote not to repaint it.
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
Thanks for the input, guys....we're so undecided!!! Here's a pic of the
fireplace before we added the wood decorative pieces, painted the accent on, and tiled it. Boring, huh.

I like it the way it WAS!
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