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We're getting a puppy tomorrow!

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Trav posted something about beagles yesterday and now we're finally making it official tomorrow! Finally getting a puppy. Oscar is not very happy with us as he LOVES being an only child

We're going to get dishes and dog food and toys and stuff like that tonight. I just feel weird getting a new dog. It's been almost a month since Max died and it's going to be weird making room for a new dog. Good vibes that this puppy, who we're renaming Kasey, works with our home and that she and Oscar get along well!
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Hey a new Poopy, OOOps I meant to say Puppy. That sounds like so much fun. I know he will being you all a lot of joy. And thanks for the baby vibes too.
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Awesome news, puppies have good and bad points but they tend to make up for their bad points with being very cute
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Is this the beagle, or am I confused? Congrats!! I love my puppy dawg!
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Originally Posted by sunnicat
Is this the beagle, or am I confused? Congrats!! I love my puppy dawg!
yea its the beagle. im going to get it tomorrow after i get off of work.
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Congratulations on your new addition!
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I'm happy that Kasey is coming to a caring home! Good luck with her!
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Beagles are one of my favorite smaller dogs, very expressive. Great dog if they are properly trained.
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Congratulations on the new puppy! Beagles are so much fun! My family had always had dogs growing up, you will just love it!
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Why were all my posts deleted?

Like I was saying...

Beagles are great dogs when trained well.
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Courtney!!! ..congratulations!!!
hope you can soon put a pic of him on the forum!!
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well we arent getting the dog anymore. the daughter who was getting rid of it for her parents called and told me she went over there to tell her mom she had found a home for her and her mom was crying and yelling at her. so her daughter doesnt want to get rid of the dog and have her mom hate her.

so in the short of it, no dog for me.
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Yeah....I'm very disappointed but I guess it wasn't our time for a dog yet I guess we'll try again later.
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so sorry for that.......
Don´t give it up!
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Awww, how disappointing! Hope a new pup finds you real soon!
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I remember when I announced our Sandy back last March. I'm so happy for you - and everything will be fine. SLOW SLOW introductions.
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Aww! The right pup will come along at the right time
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