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My poor Tails was attacked!

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We let my 13yr old dog Tails out front to do his business and the neighbors dog was running loose and came right up behind him and bit him on the lower back. Right on my front porch
Took him to the Vet Emergency Room, they said that dog bites are horrible. They stitched him up but put in two drains. Took him back yesterday to have the drains removed and they had to put two more drains in instead!
We take him back on Friday for a follow up.
The neighbors brother let out the dog. Normally she is not allowed out without her owner. His brother just lets her run the neighborhood when he's away. I hate that it was my dog that was bitten but I'm so glad it wasn't a child. Randy our neighbor said he will not allow her out front anymore.
Please keep Tails in your prayers. He is so old and has NEVER had any health issues and I just don't want this to become a problem for him!
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Oh goodness! Poor Tails! And poor you! I am so so sorry. Sending good vibes that Tails recovers quickly and is back to his old self in no time {{{{{}}}}}.
As for that other dog... I hope they keep it under lock and key so that another dog or cat or kid or anything else does not meet the same damage (or worse!) as your poor Tails!
Please keep us updated on his condition.
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..... OH my God......this is so sad....

My prayers for Tails.....Hope she recover soon...
sending (((((((((Good vibes)))))))))
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That is just terrible, I hope that your neighbor is paying that Vet bill. I just had that happen to a client of mine also, a neighbors dog tore there dog up, and they know that person knew that there dog did it, they left him lay in the hot sun in the back yard without informing anyone for 5 or 6 hours till my client got home and found him, It took 50 stitches, this is the sweetest dog he didn't even fight back, They are now in the process of sueing the dogs owner who knew that his part of the fence needed repairing and he never did it untill the day after that happened. Prayers are with your Tails for a speedy recovery.
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Tails is in my prayers! My goodness that is AWFUL!
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I an think of Tails andf you both I hope he gets better real soon.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Tails. Sending good vibes for a speedy recovery.
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Many good healing vibes to Tails!!
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Thinking of you and Tails, wishing him a speedy recovery. Poor baby!!
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Oh good grief!, thats terrible, the poor baby

Hope Tails heals fast
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Get well soon, Tails. The drains look awful, but they are letting him heal properly, from the inside out! I'm sure he will make a speedy recovery. Poor old boy!
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Randy was very sorry it happened. He also payed the vet bill. Which I'm very thankful for. Thank you for all the kind words and prayers. I will keep you updated on his condition. I will post a picture of the front end of Tails to go with the backend later tonight.
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Oh sad. I will be praying that sweet Tails recovers quickly.
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Poor Tails! He is in my prayers for a full and speedy recovery.
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Poor Tails!! I hope he recovers very quickly!
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my old dog is 13 and i can't believe this. Poor Tails. I hope he is better soon!
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What a terrible story. My best wishes for a full recovery.
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Poor dog
Hope Tails is better soon.
I am glad your neighbor paid the bill.

(And I love the name Tails....I have never heard it before)
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Poor Tails!! Sending lots of healing vibes his way!
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Sorry to hear about Tails being attacked. Hope his drains come out soon and he gets better real soon. Pats and cuddles for him
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Originally Posted by 4kids4cats
(And I love the name Tails....I have never heard it before)
I love it too!!!
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Quick update! Tails still has all four drains in. Friday's appointment wasn't very
good. One bite mark was healing nicely. The other bite is still very infected. The skin around the wound is swollen and hard. The vet said it was normal but the drains need to remain. I return on Wednesday for a recheck. They did change his anitbiotics. I also have to clean the drains three times a day with a betadine solution. Thats hurts because it burns.
About his name! My boys named Tails. In the early 90's I guess, there was this game called Sonic the hedge hog from Nintendo (I think) and Sonic had a side kick named Tails. Thats how he got his name.
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I will keep sweet Tails in my prayers. He is so lucky to have such a loving family.
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Poor Tails!!, what a horrible bite!

I am praying for you Tails!, get better soon sweetie
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Thinking of you and Tails, wishing him a speedy recovery.
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