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Feline alarm clock

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My cat Bob has become my feline alarm clock. Problem is that I don't need or want to get up at 4am. Has anyone else dealt with this issue? I'm at my wits end. He doesn't jump on me, instead he tries to knock over the lamp or steal my eyeglasses or watch (which is my actual alarm clock). I've taken to hiding the items but he just looks in every possible corner or nook. When I get up he starts clawing at my feet. He'll only calm down if I leave the bedroom. If I go back to bed, he starts again.

I can't really lock him out of the room because my other cat will only use the litterbox in the bedroom (there's one in the living room as well) and I don't want to cause a litterbox problem with him.
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Hi Bob's Mom, Yes and YES! We have that problem and had that problem -- we have two cats, Cassie and Napoleon, whom we recently adopted. When she was very little, around 1 or 2, Cassie would jump on top of my boyfriend after his alarm went off (he is notorious for snooze buttons), lay on his chest and purr so loud it would wake both of us up! In the middle of the night, if she didn't have food, she would launch from our dressers onto the bed and wake us up...then lay around and purr...THEN start knocking things off the night stand...till one of us got up to feed her, then she would look in her bowl and walk away! So to change tha trend, we started to give her a little bit of food when we went to bed at night.

For Napoleon, we are still learning...we started playing with him at a regular time of the night to get him tired out...making sure he has food in his bowl when we go to sleep...and trying not to disturb him when he sleeps (he's a bit of a light sleeper, when we walk past him - rather TIPTOE- he jars awake and won't leave us alone)...

However, he does the "get up and feed me" routine when Charlie hits his snooze button. Right now, we are trying to incorporate a lot of the methods that got Cassie to stop that. It's still going through the motions, because he is still so young, and one day, she snapped out of that behavior and he will too. So will yours! :-) Just give it time.
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The kitty alarm clock...you have got to love it...I usually get swatted in the forehead a few times til I wake up then she runs with the loud "drum roll" kind of effect....I nod back off then it is a loud jaunt to the head of the bed again with a few more swats.....I swear that I will get back at her when she is sleeping during the day, but I just can't do it to her.....she just wants some attention...be glad the cat likes you enough to come wake you.
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Originally Posted by tuls99
be glad the cat likes you enough to come wake you.
Yes, I agree!

Ditto what the previous poster said about playing with your kitty, etc. so that he is very tired when it is your bedtime. I've found that there's less of an "alarm clock" effect as kitties grow up and become cats.
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I'm wondering how to deal with this too. I have two kittens, Cleo and Caesar. Cleo likes to wake me up at 3 or 4AM because she wants to sleep with me. Caesar, if he wants to sleep on me, just gets on my side or stomach or what have you. Cleo, however, demands to sleep at the top of my chest across my neck. Obviously this isn't comfortable for me. If I move her, she just comes back. I don't know why she insists on this, or why she keeps doing it, while Caesar doesn't.
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I have the same problems with Reilly, and it's been over 2 years now since he came into my life. It makes for some groggy mornings when he's woken me up at 4..then 5...then 6am (until I finally get out of bed) but then I think "I'm lucky that I have him to wake me up...I'm blessed that he's still in my life" and then I feel better about it.

Besides I could never ever ever scold my precious boy!!
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I get this with both of mine too. They used to wake me up every hour, but they have recently been slighter better and let me sleep til 4 or 5am. I get Alfie laying on top of my head purring in one ear, and Max laying on my chest purring in the other. To be honest I find it so cute and loving that I can't possibly be annoyed about it!
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I've got the problem too!
Harley likes to try and wake me up every morning at 5:00 by playing with my hair or licking face, usually if I pet him or put him next to me under the covers he will fall right back asleep with me, purring away..I love it!
(the purring, not waking up at 5AM!!)
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Thanks to a suggestion from Hissy on another thread, I ordered the Night Owl formula from Spirit Essence:


At worst it can't hurt him, and maybe I'll get some sleep.
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Oh yeah, the BIG CAT alarm clock Actually, I have one cat, Aurora, who is like a tranquilizer, that doesn't want you to get up. When my alarm goes off, she will jump on the bed and snuggle really close with a very loud purrrrr. But, there is no sleeping when Amber and Boris want you to get up. Boris will jump on me and bite my feet if I do not get up and Amber runs all over you as well or should I say, they SLAM into you. When you have close to 60 pounds of cat pouncing on you, yep, it's time to get up. We will feed them and then they have the nerve to go to sleep after all the commotion they caused
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