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A milestone is fast approaching!!

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Well as some of you know my office is closing on September 30th.
Truthfully I cannot wait. Before this was announced last may (2004) I was seriously contemplating quitting and moving in a new job direction.
I have spent almost 20 yrs here-but no progress up the corporate ladder in the past 4 yrs when we downsized the 1st time.
We have a small office (12 people) 3 are "retiring" due to age/time on job; 3 are transferring to the location that is absorbing our client base. If I don't see some of these people again its no loss.
Boxes are beginning to be packed; many meeting and training sessions are being held. We have a "formal" office dinner on Sept 10th, and open house with our current clients on Sept 16th and I big event on the 30th We have rented a Hummer limo for the night.
Many of the women are getting weepy, have tributes planned for Sept 10th etc... I frankly just want it over.
Many people are making personal arrangements at work and lots of them are just getting on my nerves.
I view this closing as a good time, a few do not follow my line of thinking.
I have an enviable severance package. People are telling me I'm in denial because of the job loss and I'm not as I will finally get to do what I what to do-I'm just eager to start the next chapter.
So do I just grin and bear it for the next 21 working days. Just repeating to myself just 21 more days??? I cannot show any enthusiasim for the formal dinner. I just don't really care anymore what some of these people want to do. Its probably petty but that has been my mood for several weeks now!!
Has anyone else been though a downsizing??? Similar feelings or do you think this is my way of coping with the finality???
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I'm certainly not in the same situation as you as far as time on the job and whatnot. But I've been at my job for about a year now in a contract position and due to our recent merger and uncertain company structure I've been told that my contract will not be renewed nor will I be offered a permanent position. I'm viewing it in kind of the same way as you. Unfortunate yes, but now I've accepted it and I'm committed to moving on and finding something new and more challenging. I've also reached the point where I just don't care about what I'm doing at my current job, bc I know it's not really going anywhere, so I'm focusing more on the next opportunity. My work is being done and all, but my enthusiasm simply isn't there.

Good luck!!!
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Oh my GailC.......I really hope you can find an another Job Soon...

Sending ((((((((good vibes)))))))) for this...
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I'm just glad that you're able to handle the situation as well as you are! Any job prospects on the horizon?
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Gail, 20 years is a long time IMO and you are being positive to start the next chapter. I don't blame you. I was made redundant 4 years ago after being in the company for 4 years - it was the best thing that ever happened to me to be honest. That company was downsizing and moving to another area too. I had to work my 4 weeks notice but I was so glad when leaving day finally arrived that I could just be at home with my family

Then, as you know, the same thing happened to me just at the beginning of the month. I have been made redundant again (and have been at this company for 4 years too!) Anyway, my official leaving date is actually today - I get my payment in my bank account today. Luckily, the company have been very good to me and have given me the whole of August off of work. To be quite honest, I have similar feelings to you. Ok I have had the odd Monday morning being weepy but I am not missing it one bit and like you, can't wait for the next chapter in my working life to start! They want me to go in on Friday for my leaving gifts etc - I know this sounds silly but I really don't want to. I just want to move on and not totally forget because I learnt a lot there, but it's only a job and these things happen.

I know that I have gone on about what is happening to me, but I think it's really similar - the feelings that we both have you know. In fact, I am enjoying the fact that they gave me a kick up the arse to get another job and I am being compensated a nice sum of money for it!

As for your last days there, I think you will have to grin and bear it.... it gives you something to look forward to at the end of it - no work!

Take a break to - you can never normally get a chance like this throughout your working life
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I haven't been through a similar experience, but it sounds to me as if you are just dealing with the whole situation differently than the others. You are obviously ready for this chapter of your life to be over and to start again in a new place. Maybe because you were already considering moving on to a new job, you are past the phase where you've dealt with the finality of it all. Good luck to you on the horizon!!
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I'm not worried about future job prospects as I will be joining the ranks of the self employed!!! I plan on expanding my plant sale next spring; This fall I plants on driving around the area (about a 30 miles range one way from my house) scouting out potential landscape maintenance jobs (trimming shrubbery, planting and weeding but nothing with lawns) I have some (4-5) landscape design and installation work for next spring. Also going to advertise to plant container garden. I have garden related crafts too. I will be working with SCORE to get a business plan together. I'm also thinking about a new concept but I don't know if it how it could work. I call it Garden Concierge. I know all the area greenhouses, nurseries very well and could provide some type of refereral service. My hubby is behind me on all of this. I however also plan on doing some volunteer work and in the winter doing temp work to keep me busy and earn extra $$$.
Many of my co-workers really don't have a plan or know what they want to do yet.
But it will be nice on October 3rd not to get up when the alarm goes off at 5:24 and lay in bed till like 6:00 am and perhaps an afternoon nap.
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I quit after being on the job 17 yrs. Eventhough the situation was different because it was not downsizing, I was more than eager to get away from the *$!& manager I worked with and was looking forward to "chill" time. I never suspected that I would enjoy it quite so much. I cannot believe how quickly this month has gone by. I totally understand how you are feeling Others may not adjust to change as well as you have. Plus you have decided your future career path. I would say to try to tolerate your co-workers during this period. I am certain their anxiety levels are high. I would not feel guilty though, about not wanting to participate in the dinner, etc. If you are really dreading it, say you aren't feeling well and skip it.
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What gets me is that we are supposed to chip in for "retirement gifts" for the 3 coworkers (2 of them are mgrs). Well if my branch office wasn't closing none of them would be contemplating retirement at this time due to their ages (under 60). Well aren't we all "retiring"??
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