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I'm a Sis again at 25!!!!

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Hello all, I just wanted to share my news with you all. I became a Big Sis again at 25. My father-in-law had his baby lastnight, a baby girl. I forgot the details. He called at 11 lastnight and I was already in bed, I have to get up early to take my daughter, 7, to school and prepare for a busy day with my son, 4. I have one sis that is 18, just got married in Georgia and a 5 year old little sis.

What is going on these days??? Do any of you have situations like this, hey, I'm not being judgemantal, whatever makes them happy but I feel a bit odd. Everyone that I talk to looks at me wierd, like my family should be on the Jery Springer show.

The 5 year old is from my Mom also, the baby is from my husbands Dad. Just so that you aren't confused. My daughter has two aunts that are younger then her. She's 7 and is embarressed to tell her class that her Papa has a baby, I told not to, that's just our family.

What do you think???
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I wouldn't worry too much about it. My Aunt and Cousin were pregnant at the same time back in the seventies. That's my Aunt and her youngest daughter. So they have daugthers that are the same age. And my cousin Shelly, has nephews and nieces much older than her.

Strangly growing up both my cousin Shelly who is a few years younger than myself and I never knew that it was strange or unusual but it was presented to us just as it was, we didn't know it was strange or different. But then again we could have just been unobservant.

With all the second and late in life marriages, things like this will only get more common as people start second families.
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Oh My! ....Dear Jenny, you don´t feel a bit "Rust"..............Just kidding! ...

congrats, we hope you tell us how was the night then with the baby! ...
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Thank You, That's how I presented it to my daughter but I guess maybe someone at school said something. It good to know that this will become more common. I just don't want my daughter to be embarrassed of her family.
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Originally Posted by GrayKittenLove
With all the second and late in life marriages, things like this will only get more common as people start second families.
I agree totally, but I understand how you could be sensitive about it at the same time. I think you're doing a great job of handling the situation well!
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Congrats on the new sibling!

I'm 25.. I have 3 yr. old twin brother and sister & an 8 year old sister. My dad was remarried when I was 13 and they waited a long time before they had thier first... they went to have 1 more and got 2!

I make plenty of jokes with my dad about how he'll be in his 70's when the twins graduate highschool.. hehe, he laughs.. my step-mom doesn't find it to be as funny.

Congrats again!!
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LOL! It's not weird. At least not to me. It's just family. There is no problem with having kids early AND late in life.

And to make you feel better. My nanny (Great-Grandma) has three *great grandchildren*. Me (23), Shelby (9), and Matthew (8). She has three *grand children*. My mom Nancy (42), Jessica (13) and Hannah (10).

Weird huh? I'm older than all of her grandchildren EXCEPT of course my mom. There is a huge age difference between me and her other great grandchildren (14 years!!) and there is an even bigger age difference in her grandchildren (30 years!).

Some people just have kids late in life. Nothing wrong with it!
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Yes, it is a little unusual, but not really strange in any way. My oldest is 16-1/2 years older than my youngest. She used to be embarassed to hold him out in public, because someone might think he was hers. "They'll think I'm a tramp!", she would say.

Encourage your daughter not to be dismayed by what others think of her being an aunt. We attend church with a 6 y/o who is uncle to a 3 y/o. The little guy just dotes on his uncle.

Congrats on the new sibling. There are much worse things that happen in families than having kids early and then late again! LOL!
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That's great that you have another sister. Don't worry about what other people think as it isnt any of their business. Congrats Enjoy.
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The oldest of Mom's siblings would be 86 had he not been still born. Mom is 76, the next one is 63 and the youngest is 58. So, Mom had sis 7 months after her baby sister was born. (Mom is from first wife, younger ones from 2nd.)

The first cousins go in age from 57 to 25!

Oh, just checked my genealogy files and one set of gg grandparents had 20 kids. the youngest born when the oldest was 26! My niece and nephew are the same age as my younger cousins.

You were saying?
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Wow, Thank you all!!! So, my family isn't the only one. I mean, I knew that there were others, just didn't know that it was this common. Wow, Thanks again for sharing this with me.

I seen the baby today, she just so adaorable. She weighs 6lb. 14ounces. Born at 10:06PM 8-30-05. I forgot her name though I feel bad, it's different name and have a hard time remembering it. I'm a horrible big sis.

Oh, this is funny though, I went in to go see the baby and I get in to ask where there room was and the nurse wasn't about to let my kids in, they have to be 16 and older now. They really have changed since I had my kids. So, I told that the baby is my lil sis and the nurse looks at me funny So I proceded to tell her that the baby is my kids' aunt. The nurse was still not getting it, finally I told her that the father and mother is my kids' Grandma and Grandpa and we just want to spend a few minutes and see the baby. I talked her into it and we stayed maybe 30 mins to visit and hold the baby. It was so neat, we freaked out each nurse that came in.

Thanks again everyone for you wonderful stories, it really makes me feel better about it al and I will have to share it with my daughter.
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Congrats on your new sister.

My dad remarried and his kids are 28, 26(me), 21, 9, 7, 3.
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Your family aint to unusual... My Dad was 10 yrs older than mom... so My siters are 14 and 12 yrs older than me from his first wife... He remarried after my Mom and gave me a step sister 7.5 yrs older ... Moms boyfriend the one who raised me got married to a lovely lady ten yrs younger than him and they had two girls my little "sisters" are 12.5 and 15.5 yrs younger thna I ....

I laugh when folks ask me where in the family I fall..
I am Moms only
"Papas" oldest
and dads youngest
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Congratulations on being a sis again!!

I'm definitly not one to judge when it comes to weird families. I wont even go into mine.
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How very special! Congratulations!
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Congrats on becoming a big sister!!
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Thank you all so much. I really appreciate it all so much.
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