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Reduced Calories

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Needed information on reduced calorie cat food. My cat is a fatty, and I'm thinking on the lines of reduced calorie food. Does anyone out there use this type? Would I be better off with regular food, but less of it? She is not to active and is going on three years.
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Keeping kitty trim can add years to her life!

There are good low cal foods out there. I don't think it's good to just give her less food. She might not get the nutrients she needs that way. Go for a natural low cal food like Nutro Naturals or Innova, they have diet lines.
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Most of the premium foods offer a light formula. They all meet a cats dietary needs. The only difference is that they have more fiber and less fat. What are you feeding your kitty right now?
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I am feeding her Purina One Reduced Calories, it's new. There is not too much fat content in it, and no artifial colors or flavor. I was thinking of Science Diet light.
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I would give it a try. I would gradually switch them over to the new brand over about 7 days. YEARS ago, when I switched from Purina to Science Diet, I didn't experience any problems.
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I have a question along these lines...
My 1.5 yr old Siamese, Bella is not overweight(8lbs.), active, and indoors- but she prefers the Eukanuba weight control dry food to the regular chicken or lamb and rice formulas. Almost every other high quality food I have given her either makes her stool too soft or she wont eat it at all.
Once a week I sometimes give her a 3oz can of wet food to provide the fat she is missing with the dry food.
Are there any nutritionl hazards feeding her mainly weight control formula foods at this age?
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