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Feeling like a teenager.....

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And not in a good way!

Last night my mother called around 7:30. I was running out the door to get more tape for the boxes so I told her I would call her back.
When I got home, my phone was beeping because it was going dead so I put it on the charger, which is on the floor, and went back to packing.
Around 12:20 I noticed that my oldest sons dad hadn't called him like he normally does and went to check the messages. When I went to get the phone apparently one of the cats (or kids) had knocked it off the charger. I let it charge for about 15 mins and it started ringing.
It was my mother and boy was she . She started screaming and yelling at me about where I have been who I have been with what I have been doing. Before I could explain to her, the phone went dead. I started to charge it again and it rang again but every time I tried to answer it, it would die. This went on for 30 mins. I finally got fed up with it and unpacked 4 boxes to find my other corded phone.
I called her back and she started . By this time the kids were awake and not happy. She went off on me about how irresponsible I was, blah blah blah, and how I should have went to a pay phone and called her! After I explained to her what happened and arguing with her for 10 mins, she says " Im so glad you're moving back down here so I can keep an eye on you!" OMG how old am I? 14? NO Im almost 27 with 2 kids!
I have to admit, that's one thing Im NOT looking forward to is being under her thumb. I know she does alot for me and the boys but should that include me being under her thumb?
Sorry, you all, lol I had to vent and get this off my chest!
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I bet you feel better after that!

I'll move this into The Lounge for you
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HAHA Thanks Rosie. I didnt even realize i posted it here! It's been a stressful week
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I had to laugh when i saw where you had posted because you sounded well stressed
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I think all parents have a knack of making us feel like kids again - you're not alone if that's any consolation!
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I moved home to help my parents with their business. So not only is she my mom she is my boss too. Sometimes it helps to rant that way though!
I hope it gets less stressful for you!
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I'm almost 37 and my mom still wants to push in sometimes when she shouldn't. When we bought our van last spring, the dealership tried to pull a nasty contract switch on us. We straightened it out and ended up getting a really good deal, but before we could do anything, my mother called and reamed the manager. I was so embarrassed that I wanted to crawl in the door when we went back in there to fix it ourselves! Fortunately, the dealership never said a word to me about my crazy, overprotective mommy!
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Sounds like my mom! She is just like that. Embarrass you to no end! When I used to live closer to her last year, she would stop by ALL THE TIME! Even wanted a key!
I dont think so!
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Boy do I know how you feel, I've been dodging my mother's calls this morning I've been married for 8 years and I'm 25 with two kids. I rather not talk to my parents when they are like that, I insantly go back to, like you said, a child. So I hang up and tell them if that how they are going to be then i rather not talk to them. That usually ends it one way or another. I like I said, BOY do I understand where you are coming from. Good Luck!! Ever need to talk, I'm here for you hun!!
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I know she is looking out for me, but MY GOD! She has it in her head that being a single woman with 2 kids, someone is going to kill, rape or mame us. But I keep telling her, Im a big girl, I will be ok lol
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I just had a horrible thought! What if our kids are posting threads like this one about US in the future? LOL

Oh, man....slap me if I ever!!!!
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After reading all of these posts, I'm going to drive across town and KISS my mother! I can ask my parents and they will do almost anything, to help me but, they'll never try to run my life. I treat my children the same way.
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Can you mother teach my mother to stay out of my buisness?
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I just notice Im an adult cat now!
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