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I am so angry right now

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People make me sick. I'm driving along in town and there's a cat lying in the road. People are driving around it and holding up all the traffic. People are walking by staring at it. I stop the car to get out and move it and the poor thing is still alive!! So I pick it up and take it to the nearest vets. So what that I'm covered in blood and so is my back seat. At least I can sleep at night. People make me so angry. I want to scream
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You did the right thing . That poor poor kitty ! Did you get it to a vet? What's it's condition?
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I'll move this to SOS.

Thats so sad Like Amy said whats the cats condition?
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
You did the right thing . That poor poor kitty ! Did you get it to a vet? What's it's condition?

Yeah I took it to the vets practice but there was no actual vet there, it doesn't look good. It was bleeding heavily from the head and the nurse thinks it may have a broken neck. It was either fitting or having heart attacks. I feel so bad for the little cat but it's the people who were driving around it and staring at it that makes my blood boil. I never thought twice about what I did.. it didn't even cross my mind not to help. I left my name address and phone number with the vets to let me know the outcome but I don't hold out much hope It makes me ashamed to be human
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Don't you be ashamed!, the ones that should be ashamed are the ones who just drove around it, especially the one that hit the poor thing and didn't bother to check if it was still alive!

Let us know if they get in touch again. I hope it's ok but it doesn't sound good
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Bless you Shem for trying to help the kittie. Do keep us updated on any news you get.

If only the world thought of animals the way we do eh?
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Thank you for doing what you could to help this poor kitty. I don't understand how anyone could just stand by and watch an animal suffer.
Where's their compassion?
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Oh, Shem, thank you for helping that poor cat. Even if he doesn't make it, you will have helped end his suffering.
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Oh how awful! You did the right thing and i can feel your anger at these other people!

I do hope that the kitty will be okay! I'm sending all the vibes I can to the little cat that s/he's ok! }}}VIBES FOR Health and Life{{{{ :hearts:
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I can't believe that you were the only person to stop. What is wrong with people??? Did they expect this poor cat to help itself? Thank you for doing the right thing when no one else would!
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Shem, we neeed more people like you, youre truely an angel
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Thank you everyone, you're all so kind. The vets haven't contacted me yet.. maybe tomorrow? No news is good news right?
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Oh man I knew I shouldn't have read this, How can people be so horrible. I am praying for this baby,Thanks for what you did.
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people stink. I had a guy almost run me and the dogs over this morning. how kind of him eh?

Kudos to you for helping!
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You are a reallly good person for setting such an example. I only hope some people learnt by it.
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The cat didn't make it guys They've just phoned me now
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Oh that is really sad. RIP little kitty

thanks for giving it one last shot
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Shem, good for you..I came across a cat this year who had been hit by a car, everybody was driving around the poor thing, and it was still alive, I had one big problem though, the cat was in a very poor state and was moving around quite a bit, I couldn't stop because there was only me in the car and I had no way of restraining the poor thing, I couldn't drive with the cat like that in the car, however I only lived about a minute down the road from where it happened so off I went and got my boyfriend and we took towels with us and also some bags, unfortunately by the time we returned the cat was dead in the middle of the road, we stopped and took the poor thing to the local vets who said that they would scan the cat for a microchip and also keep the body for a while incase anybody phoned.

I would always try and help any animal I saw injured and now if I see any at the side of the road, I would take them to the vet so they can be scanned and have some sort of dignity in death.

At least you can sleep at night, RIP kitty
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Hi Shem~

I am so sorry that kitty passed away. You were able to show him compassion and love during his final hours - every cat should be so lucky. You did everything you could for him, never doubt that. He is now safe and happy and will not suffer any more.

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Thank you, Shem for helping this kitty not suffer in the road. RIP sweet kitty.
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Bless you for not letting one of GOD's creations die on the street
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Shem you legend. All the best for the poor kitty - I hope it survives and leads a long happy life. And I hope whoever hit the poor thing and didn't stop has four punctured tyres and a busted gearbox that will cost $1000 to fix.
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You did the best you could for that little kitty but I know it hurts and how angry you must feel.

My brother who now works as a firefighter once saw an injured kitty on the side of the road. It aappeared that the cat had been hit by a car. He stopped and tried to flag down help - he was a student at the time, a big strapping aztheltic type fellow. But not one car, even a police crusier, would stop!!! He took the cat to a vet and the kitty was a fighter and survived and our family adopted her. She is still very skittish though and runs at a new sound and especially new people. But when I do visit my folks, she will sleep with me at night or will jump into your lap. But she likes to hide. All the other pets - including my YY - seem to sense this kitty had a hard time at some point in her life and are kind to her. My beagle used to be VERY protective around her.

I am so sorry the cat you found had such severe injuries and I too have to wonder how some ppl can be so cold hearted!
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