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Meet Spike!

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My aunt and uncle just bought this cute little guy, who they named Spike. I cannot wait to go visit them in FL and dote on him. Ain't he a cutie?
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Awwwwwwwww He certainly looks a mischievous little boy Amy
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You're telling me Susan! Of course, by the time I get to finally see him in December, he'll have grown like a weed!
He has big shoes to fill.....their old dog Walter (who went to the Bridge in 2002) was probably the sweetest dog I've ever known . This little guy looks too cute for words though (and I'm by no means a dog person!)!
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What a cutie! I love that sweet little face
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Thats the sort of dog i would like my sister to get Amy. She lost her German Shepherd Benji over a year ago, but she can't face getting another just yet because she's still grieving But i know if someone like Spike came along she would melt
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Eileen- I think that cute face is going to get him out of a LOT of trouble!
Susan, I'm so sorry about your sister's grief Hopefully she'll be able to open her heart to another animal in time. Maybe she'll even want to adopt a cuddly little kitten one day?
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Maybe she'll even want to adopt a cuddly little kitten one day?
Amy i've been trying that one on her for the last 11 months! But, i told her i'll keep on at her be it a feline or a canine
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Amie, he is absolutely darling!!
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He is a real cutie!
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He's lovely! How could anyone resist that cute little fluffy face
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Thanks y'all . I'm in love with my little "cousin" already!
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I would be in love with him too!!! He's a real sweetie pie
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Here's another one of Spike. Sorry about the picture quality, not sure what kind of camera they were using!
He's the cutest little ball of fluff!
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Oh my goodness!, look at the size of him!

Amy can i send this to my sister to look at?!
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Love schnauzers! Well, he looks like a schnauzer anyway. Great watchdogs.
Is he standard or mini?
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Sure you can Susan
Arlyn, I have no idea what kind he is- your guess is as good as mine I'll ask them that for you, though!
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He is just to cute!!!!!!!
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Amy, your cousin is a real cutie pie!
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He is so cute!
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