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Oh no!, poor Ellie I hope she feels better soon Jenn, bless her

Do you have those plug in air freshners where you are?, i only leave them on when i'm in the house, but their briliant!.

15-16 weeks!, the poor things they must have been starving before you came along Well at least they have good old frontline to fight the fleas now

Oh and are we thinking of increasing the family by asking how people cope with more?!
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I've have 4 cats currently but I've had as much as 13 (2 cats had litters 2 weeks apart). Five cats had been the norm for quite a while but its 4 for now. I have an area in the basement for the litter boxes 3 right now as they are indoor/limited outdoor and use the gardens as litter boxes. I used Duct tape and tape down a piece of those plastic tablecloths that I bought at a fabric store for easier clean up. I have a food dish for each plus 2 water dishes and 4 small dishes for moist food. These are on those plastic placements that could be used on kitchen table. I watch the petstore newspaper ads for sales on the cat litter and food and if there is a sale I really stock up. I only give then a small amt of moist food for a treat daily (about 1T) so a big can can last a week. I buy the dry food in the largest bags available and as I said if on sale(i'm trying to watch the stores for patterns) I will buy 2-3 bags. If they have free samples I pick them up as will as trial offers that are say $1-$2 box for emergency use.
I also have lots of "cat odor" stuff. Then brushes/collars and a small medicine cabinet for cat shampoo/nursing bottles and some 1st aid stuff. I also keep a file with their rabies tags and other stuff from the vet. Most of my vaccuming is from cat hair, Ox as he ages is dropping more. I've made pet beds and polar fleece blankets and cat toys too.
I guess I really do alot for them I always tell my friends if you have 3 cats what's 4 cats and then if you have 4 what is so different about 5!! But I feel more than 5 depending on house size and the cat's personalities could become more challenging.

I hope the little one keeps improving!!
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It was a rhetorical question! I must somehow find homes for these little ones. I have not done a stroke of work all week dealing the feeding, petting, fighting, playing, health problems of five cats, plus the general cleaning up after them. And now I don't have a car I am hiking back large bags of food and litter on the bus! I have a deadline in 13 days and must meet it for handing in my syllabus for next year, and then another one by Oct 31st. And I have to go to France in the middle to deal with some renovation decisions. Let alone what will happen if I manage to sell the London apartment and have to go there for legal matters. Sorry, just a panic attack.

More importantly, the chicken livers were a great success. The little one ate a huge bowlful, growling all the time. I gave her sister some too of course, but that did not stop the 'this is mine, mine, mine'. And my girls are happy too - they had a treat of the chicken hearts, lightly poached. And Ellie has started her amoxicillin course, so I hope to see some improvement there. The pee-sodden carpet is soaking in the bath (which is where I would like to be!).
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
More importantly, the chicken livers were a great success. The little one ate a huge bowlful, growling all the time. I gave her sister some too of course, but that did not stop the 'this is mine, mine, mine'.
Sorry about the fancy feast recommendation, I remember thinking toi myself that I wasn't sure you could get that. I am delighted this little one liked the chicken livers. I am sorry to hear about the UTI nd hope Ellie responds quickly to the medication.

I remember that having 5 cats was distinctly different than 3, it was as if once you reached that number, there was little difference in how the house felt and worked until one reached 10 (which I did when I was showing). I know this is temporary for you though, so just hang on! Wishing these two to begin gaining and for the littlest one to become well. They are such lucky, lucky kittens to be in your care.
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Both kittens are doing well this morning, but guess what? The bigger one is a boy!!! I began to suspect I had got it wrong a couple of days ago, but now there is no doubt. He has suddenly developed definite bulges and boy parts. I suppose he was so emaciated before that there was no sign. But it does help explain why he is so much bigger than his sister. He is much more active and escaped from their room this morning, getting all the way down two flights of stairs before I could catch him. He is a real lovebug though, and jumps on a lap to purr and headbutt whenever he can. She is much more timid, still wants to sleep and stay still, but she can now jump onto the bed in one leap, so that is a big step forward. She had a big meal on her own this morning, and some milk to follow. They are both pooping enormous amounts, I wish their little bodies would retain more of it, but at least their systems are working. So things are looking OK.
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Oh he's a boy! Jenny they sound like their doing great though!. Give the little girl a few weeks and they'll both be running riot around your house
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Jenny, any new updates on these kittens? Any new pictures???
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Well, I am feeling an idiot, after 50 years of having cats! I have now realised that they are both boys! I really could not tell before - they were all kind of thin and pinched out, and now they both have definite testicles! I have compared them closely with my girls too - the cats must have htought I was mad!

This morning they are not eating so well - the dish I left them overnight was untouched, so I fed them a very little glop by syringe, and then later they each had a little bit of chicken. The bigger one has very liquid stools. I hope there is not some infection coming out. They are playing together though, now in my bedroom to give them a little more space. I am having no luck finding homes yet, there are just too many kittens around. This morning I saw a little dark orange one outside the grocery shop and a tabby running round inthe courtyard of hte university, both about the same age as my two, though not as thin. But I cannot save all of them. My camera batteries have run out so as soon as I can I will post more pix.
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Don't worry Jenny, mistakes happen.

Aww i hope they start to eat again soon but if their playing thats a good sign.

It couldn't be the milk thats causing him to have runny stools could it?!
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Thanks Susan, I just feel a fool! But it is incredible how much smaller one is than his brother.

I have cut down on the milk, but I wonder if it is too many changes in their diet. I have been trying to give them things they like to make them eat as much as possible, and as a result they have had several kinds of wet cat food, cooked chicken and chicken livers, egg and of course goats milk. So I think I will just keep to one kind, now that the danger from actual starvation is past.
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It could be with all the different foods?, because i remember when Sophie was a kitten, she was given a dewormer which made her stools runny, but i was giving her different things to eat such as fish and chicken thinking it was helping her tummy, but then giving her some wet, then dry food.

The surgery told me to just stick with the one which is what i did and after a couple of days her tummy settled down.

They told me just to keep her on water as well because i was giving her the kitten milk, again thinking i was doing some good But it's all about learning isn't it.
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Absolutely! We will stick to the Whiskas Junior for a few days and see what happens. I don't think they are sickening for something, as htey are both trying to catch a fly on the window right now, and being very active! I got some new pix as I found some batteries:

Kitten 1 ( the bigger one)

The smaller one

(Ignore the date - I forgot to set the camera) What can I name these guys? Part of me says 'don't' but I can't keep calling them 1 and 2.
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Awwwww look at them! They certainly look ok?!, aww but looking in their eyes it's as if their wondering whats going to happen next?!

The first names that came into my head was "Jack and Joe"
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Jenny, thank you for the update! Don't feel bad about not knowing they were boys. They were pretty well a mess when you found them, and when a body is starving it will deplete anything it doesn't really need. And they didn't really *need* "those".

For names, I see the bigger one as "Cyrano" because of his pronouced little nose. And the little one I see "Ash" because of the bits of grey on his head.
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Rather than giving them milk which could be causing the runny stools my vet has said its ok to give them some cottage cheese (i'm don't know if that's what its called by you???) I mashed it up a bit with a fork and added a tiny bit of water. Also he said plain yogurt -most likely the highest calorie stuff would be the best. You probably can't get any kitten weaning formula as that is really nutritous. I will think of names for you too!!
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Thanks. Just to let you all know, when I say milk I do not give them cows milk but goat, which is generally OK for cats and I have brought up several kittens on it as I can't get KMR here. I also give cats yoghurt, which they usually like.

This morning they are fine, and have eaten the bowl of Whiskas I left overnight. One of them seems to have good BMs now, the other is still a bit soft, I am not sure yet which one. They are very active and noisy . I gave the smaller one another bath last night as he really was still very dirty and stinky, especially his feet, and he looks much better now. He settled down very well on my lap for a good rub with warm towels, and purred. I hope it will act as an incentive to his own cleaning powers, though it was probably too much for him in his state - he could barely lift his legs to clean them properly a few days ago.
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Oh i'm pleased their eating again Jenny They sound a pair of characters from the way you describe them
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They are adorable! Glad to hear they are improving!!
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I remember when I got Bakker last November (I just looked at the pictures) what condition he was in-skinny, groopy eye.... he didn't groom himself much at all for I bet for the 1st month or two either (maybe its a male thing??) Good to read that there is some progress.
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I am so relieved to hear the little one especially is doing better. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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Jenny, they seem to be doing so much better. Bless your heart for doing all of this for them!
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Ahhhh Jenny they are so sweet, glad to hear they are doing better. That's what I'm up against I don't want to name these 3 babies but I don't want to give them up either. Its very hard when you have them for longer then a minute
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Well, I have given in and named them. It just came to me yesterday - they are named after two great European generals. The big one is Wellington, because of his big nose and his leadership, plus his great affection for human ladies ( ) and the small one is Napoleon, who was also short in stature, but who made himself appear much bigger than he was. And it is the little one who puffs himself up and dances sideways at any imagined threat! And Wellington beat Napoleon, which is what is happening here when they playfight!

I was still worried about Napoleon yesterday as he just sat and watched while his brother played with a host of toys, but this morning I have released them both into the living room while my girls are out and they have discovered the toybox! Both of them are going mad, taking out one toy mouse or ball after another and jumping all over the room. The cat dancer on the back of the door was great fun too. They have both discovered their kittenhood.

But I can't keep them - no luck on homes as yet, I have everyone asking.
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Awwww Jenny love the names!

And Sophie used to jump sideways at Rosie when she was a kitten so i know how funny that looks Oh but i would have loved to see them with the girls and the toybox!, they must have thought it was brilliant bless them
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Wellington is making a 'stash' of toys under a chair. So far he has 3 stuffed mice, a feathered ball and a little car on wheels. I am not sure what he intends to do with them. Napoleon is playing with a mouse, growling all the time, which he tends to do as he eats too.
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Awwww couldn't you watch them for hours when their like that!

Oh Sophie growls at her toys as well, even now! It's as if she's annoyed at them?!, but she sounds like a little lion cub
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They are so cute..... Great names!!!
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Wonderful to hear their health and spirits are up to the point of playing like the kittens they are. I have 5 white cats, so I relate to this little couple.
Also, at least two of them had some gray fur on their heads when young and are now all white. So your initially-all-gray kittens my becaome all white, too.
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