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X-rays today

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Lucius just turned 1 year and is going in for Xrays today for his bowels. His weight got up over 14 lbs, and he's dropped down a bit as I've been feeding more wet (dr's request also.)

But he's had bowels problems for some time. He had an infected anal gland 5 months or so past, and has had to have his anal glands expressed a few times now. He still scoots, even after his glands are expressed (no worms.) He bottom gets sore. His poops aren't normal, much rounder and wider - constipation.

He's been on wet food since I got him at four months, plus as a kitten he had access to dry (Royal Canin Kitten,) and his weight just shot up.

The change in diet to mostly wet, Innova and Nutro, and a tablespoon or two of dry, Innova lately, has made tremendous changes in my other cat, Cissa. She dropped a slight bit of weight and now is totally lean and muscley, at about 8 pounds or so. Her body is firm and hard.

But it hasn't helped Lucius, except in losing weight. In fact, it seems to have made his stools less, which he seems to need more of to keep his glands clear.

Ugh......I'm just venting a bit right now about cat issues. He's been on stool softeners for the past week with no changes, adding stuff to his food didn't help, as he just refused to eat. He looks happy and healthy. We may be looking at surgery to remove his anal glands and hopefully his bowels are okay.

Scary stuff for a one year old darling kitty.

I'll update later today the results and the process the vet wants me to pursue.
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Awwww poor baby Sending him (((((healing vibes))))) and i'll look for an update.
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Poor kitty, and so young to have these problems...I hope all goes well today..keep us posted
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