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This is deplorable!

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Near here, about 90 cats, several dogs and 2 horses were left to fend for themselves. The owner of the farm was in town to care for her hospitalized husband. What I find hard to believe, is that she could not be with her husband 24/7. She should have been able to leave for the short time it took to care for the needs of these poor animals. She could have asked neighbors or the local "Cat People" office to help in the care of these poor cats. 40 of these cats died of illness, and several more are sick. The thought at first it was bubonic plague but fortunately the tests came back negative. People were trying to feed the animals but there were so many. The local animal shelter quaranteened the cats that were alive and are now trying to get them well and to find homes for these precious kitties. the owner of the cats was a former breeder of manx and some other breed.

This is so deplorable and there is no excuse. The owner could have made a few calls. I know her husband is sick too, but it only would have taken a couple of minutes of her time to notify someone.

Because of her cruelty, 40+ precious kitties crossed the rainbow bridge. Over there they will have a much better existance than the one they were forced to endure in this life.

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Thats so sad, but frustrating at the same time Hopefully the healthy cats can be found good homes, but at least the other 40+ are no longer suffering and are now over the bridge living a wonderful life.

RIP little ones
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What a terrible story, some people are so cruel!!, RIP sweet furbabies
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How very sad! Cats are pretty resourceful, but 90 cats competing to feed themselves is a horror story! What a little spay and neuter would have done early on, and asking a neighbor to watch the animals if she couldn't!

Very very sad!
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Terrible. I wonder how she can live with herself after this? RIP little darlings.
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RIP, little ones over RB & {{{prayers & vibes}}} for healing & finding True Homes for those left here on Earth! I am praying that as the word gets out, people will rise to the occasion & find room in their hearts & homes for those kitties left behind, and/or maybe other kitties who so desperately need & want to be adopted into loving families...
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there is nothing I can say... my heart weeps for these animals

RIP sweet precious kitties, play happily at the bridge and know that you will be forever safe now
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That is so sad, those poor babies!!
RIP little angels
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I feel so sorry for innocent animals like these.
R.I.P. sweet babies.
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Originally Posted by huggles
there is nothing I can say... my heart weeps for these animals
....Poor kittys.........
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