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I know Sabra and can't wait...it's going to be great

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21,600 seconds till Rose Red

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By the way..
David Dukes plays the character of the professor... died on 10-19-00 of heart failure.

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Yes, playing tennis...go back a few pages Broad Minded Bubba!

Anyways, I come bearing bad news, er, hopefully, bad untrue gossip....

Oh no!


Say it ain't so!
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I read every post to make sure that I wasn't posting a dupe... Oh well..

Now play some football,: cuz my Network informs me that you guess was incorrect... neener neener

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Yeah I know we haven't guessed right yet. I already guessed wrong, so I can't play anymore.

I wasn't meaning to be bitchy to you, was just saying we had a chat about David Duke's death a few pages back. Synopsis:
He died unexpectedly during filming of a heart attack while playing tennis. The remaining scenes were filmed using a body and voice double, clips (video and audio) and some fancy camerawork.

So, it looks like everyone is enjoying Rose Red. I can't believe I'm not watching it since I've been waiting for it for so long! Oh well, it will be on again, like all things on TV. It just didn't fit into my time schedule this week since I'm going out of town in the morning.

See my kiddies yet? Aren't they just dolls??
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Where are they Alicia???

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: I know.. didn't take it that way...

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Oh good.

Paige is the scary little girl in a sailor type dress. She's dead. Not in real life, in the movie. She's the old lady's little girl who died when she was young and has some arm problem.

Bobby is the cute preppy little boy.

They are both in flashbacks and ghost appearances.
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who's going out and buying the diary of Ellen Rimbauer? To read about her life at Rose Red.....
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Okay, after last nights episode I am still a little confused. Maybe ya'll can help me........

I'm guessing that Ellen and April were kept alive supernaturally and that April actually grew old? There bodies grew old just like ours would? I guess the house "imprisoned" them and kept them hidden from everybody else but kept their bodies alive as well as all the others that vanished over the years? So, the house would make people disappear and feed off of them but keep their bodies alive?

The final scene shows Nancy, Helen and Sukina as ghosts. I know that Steve killed Helen with the hammer, hence she would be a ghost. We all saw that Sukina was an old withered body like April and Helen but they never actually killed her so why was she a ghost?

Maybe I'm just being too analytical, but I like my questions to be answered at the end of the movie.
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Good question, Sabra....I'm not really sure I have an answer...I just assumed they were ALL ghosts and that at times they would appear in human form, either as their younger former selves, or as they would look if they were still alive at that time, all old, wrinkly and decaying... (ewww) anyway...that's just my guess.

I really want to read Ellen's diary now..I am planning on buying it.

Ken, I have been trying to get into Dream Catcher for quite awhile now, and I just can't get very far...I keep trying, because I have read pretty much every book he ever wrote, and I am sure it will get good, but I am only about a quarter of the way into it, and it is just not very exciting. I have to force myself to keep reading it, and I keep hoping it will pick up. So it does get really good then? I will keep reading.
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Yeh,I Heard About it.My Mom Knows His Bro David King;Ive Never Met Steven Though
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