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Stephen King

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Just wondering if anyone is planning on watching the new Stephen King mini-series "Rose Red" that is starting tonight on ABC at 8 pm central.

It looks really good!!!!
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I was thinking about it, but decided not to. I read a review of it, and I wasn't into after that.

I can't remember reading the book. I assume this is based on one of his books but for the life of me I can't remember it
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I don't recall a book by that name either, must just be for TV.

I read part of the review in TV guide, it sounded good to me, but ya never know.
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I'm not into Stephen but I'd like to ask a question. Why are "chick flicks" soooooooo boring? For the past year on one of our local networks they run tv movies for women;Harlequin romances for the most part. I think tonite's was about the deep sexual/psycho reasons the main character wears blue eyeshadow. Hello?? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!! I can't testify to the "complex plot" because I got distracted by something more challenging....watching icicles melt. It was written by a woman,directed etc by women,so don't try to blame this muck on us guys.:tounge2:
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In this case, Rose Red is a thriller. It's about a little girl who is psychic. I think her name might be Rose Red, hence the name.

As for chick flicks, can't stand em myself. I guess I'm not a typical girl like that.
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Since when did Stephen King become a designated chick flick guy? Maybe I ought to let my ex know. His bookshelf is crammed with everything the guy ever wrote.

As to the "boring" nature of supposed chick flicks, I'm not personally into them, but why is it that guys don't find a movie interesting unless things are being blown up, cars are going really fast, or women have no clothes on? I know it's a stretch, but sometimes movies actually have a plot that provokes thought.
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Hello Everyone! I'm recording Rose Red to watch later. Rose Red is the name of the haunted house the movie is about. Stephen King wrote this just for tv, it's not taken from a book. Like Storm of the Century. He and Steven Spielberg had talked about writing a movie about a haunted house, Spielberg decided not to, so this is King's baby. King makes his cameo appearance as a pizza delivery man. I love trivia!

I'll let you know about it as soon as I watch it!

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Deb..you misread me...I said I'm not into Stephen personally,not that he was "chick flick" material. Just not my "thing".

"Guy" films are easy..the boring,whiny character usually gets shot/stabbed/blown up/run over within minutes of the start. Personally I enjoy the spectacular effects and trying to figure out how the heck they staged that.

Now I also enjoy a movie/tv program with a strong female character as the lead..there have been a few here and there. But let's face it,most of them are 2 or 3 hours of excruciating drivel which winds up with the lead character sexually frustrated because they REALLY want to sleep with their Father/Mother/Brother/Sister/Dog. If that's PLOT,well.......

If I was a woman I'd be burning down Harlequin's offices.

You MAD yet??? :tounge2: :LOL:
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I watched the first part of it- and enjoyed it- looking forward to tommorrow nite!
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Originally posted by Kittyfoot
You MAD yet??? :tounge2: :LOL:
Who me? I don't get mad. I just sit on the board of the devil's advocate association.

For my $, you are right. I've never picked up a Harlequin book, and I never intend to. But as long as you were making broad, sweeping generalizations, I thought I'd defend the other side of the story. Can't let you get away with trashing my gender and not respond.
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Well, I watched it and enjoyed it and will be watching tonight. The only thing that I don't understand is how the house became haunted in the first place. I know the psychologist lady/teacher said that it all started when the house was being built but that doesn't answer the question. Was there some kind of graveyard or burial or ritual grounds where the house was built? Or was it just all the animosity that existed while the house was being built that created this "haunting"? I really think they owe more of an explanation on this.
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Looks like I missed the first one I like Stephen King, but most of his earlier writings. I can remember reading "The Shining"...scared the heck out of me along with some of the others he's written.
I guess I'm gonna take a peek at this and give it a chance since I've not been so thrilled with most of his movies. 'Cept "The Shining." I guess Jack Nicholson was just toooo good!

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I twasn't a book. Only a script. I worked on the movie. I booked the kids in the film, Paige Gordon and Bobby Preston. It's actually good, although I haven't watched it, only read the script. It's been kiling me - I've had an original copy of the script for two years! Do you know how much money that was worth!? Damn ethics.

The house is haunted by the old lady Rimbauer. It was filmed in a crazy mansion south of Seattle. Anyways, old lady Rimbauer believed she would live forever if she kept building the house. It will get explained.
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I know your profile says "Ack, don't ask me about work!", but now you have me intrigued.

Come on girl, give it up!
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Hi Ali,

Yeah, I realize that. I was only comparing his books to his movies...I don't think I'm going to press the issue about your work! :laughing2

Can I have your autograph? hahahaha Just Kidding!

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I used to be a booking agent at an agency. That's the person who deals with casting directors, and picks who to send, and helps negotiate contracts. Interesting, but high pressure. There are more people looking for work than actual work, and unfortunately, many just aren't as talented as they'd like to think.

But the young boy in the movie, an absolute doll and quite talented, has moved on to LA. I hope we will see more of him in the future. It's not a big part, but he has quite a resume for a 7 year old. And the little girl - well, she was 7 as well (funny thing is the two kids are great friends as well as the moms!) and it was quite interesting as she has some very scary parts!

Some of his movies are great though- I loved Shawshank Redemption and The Stand miniseries.
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Alicat!!!! That is so cool that you got to work on the movie, and even had the script ahead of time! So I presume you got to meet Stephen King himself, then? WOW! I have been a huge fan of his for many years!!! I would LOVE to meet him!

I thought last nights episode was good, but really pretty basic, since it was mostly just explaining things, and developing characters, etc....so tonights should be really interesting since they are actually going into the house!!!!(Sabra... I was wondering the same thing about how it became haunted in the first place)

Kittyfoot, I don't care for Harliquin type movies, either...but I do enjoy some "chick flicks" the ones that are written well and have a decent plot... "Sweet November" would probably be classified as a "chick flick" (at least by my hubby) but it was a great movie!!!!
(it had Keanu Reeves and oh, I can't remember that womans name ) but it was fantastic.

Alicat....I will keep my eyes open for the two little kids in the movie....it is wild that you are the one that booked them for it!!

Oh, the movie is on at 8 pm central again tonight and then at 8pm central again on Thursday night, in case anyone didn't know.
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Actually, I didn't get to meet King, unfortunately. I am a big big fan, but in 'the industry', you can't get all excited and star struck. You have to act as if everything is 'no big deal'. Being an agent is very backstage stuff, and you hardly ever even go to the set. Most of the stuff was actually done here in Seattle at an old military base. That's where all the staff and costuming, etc, were.

I totally bailed after that movie anyways. The job was way to stressful for me, and I had some problems with my boss.

It was fun to see 'my people' on TV, although here in Seattle, its mostly local commercial work, and some tv shows. I worked quite a bit on that show with the guy from Wings. Can't remember the name. The one about the doctor on the run, a remake of an old show. I think it flopped eventually.

Yay Bobby Preston and Paige Gordon! I know someday they'll both be stars!
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Ahhhh!!! I see! Yes, that can be very frustrating! haha! I knew a guy that used to book bands and he would get calls from these bands that were absolutely horrible and expect him to book them! EEEEEKS! haha! How awful it must be to tell someone *nicely* that they need to practice a bit more! :disturbed

I'll keep a lookout for this one tonite. I read the Stand and although it was about 4,000 pages...(haha) it was pretty wild book! I loved the Shawshank Redemption! Outstanding! He had written one book that I thought would do well as a mini series and I can't think of the name right now, but it's about this little girl that gets lost in the woods...quite a story. I don't think it did very well, but I liked it.

Well, best wishes to you abd whatever your work is now

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Debby- I think Keanu's co-star in 'Sweet November' was Charlize Theron wasn't it? That movie was awesome..I was bawling by the end.
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The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

The problem with many of his stories going into a movie, for me, is that special effects can't make the events as realistically as they are in my own imagination. They end up looking silly. Liek Pet Cemetary was a terrifying book, but the movie just looked stupid.
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Yes!! That's the name of it...I wouldn't think there would be that many special effects, but then again...I have no idea about making films either.

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I don't think there were in that one either, except in the end, wasn't she hallucinating or soemthing? I have such a terrible memory, I'll ahve to read it again.

I was just talking about his stuff in general.
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Yes, she kept visualizing Tom Gordon and her friend Pepsi (??) it was pretty interesting...but for the most part, it didn't seem like it would be hard to create the movie.

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Probably not. I would also like to see Bag of Bones as a movie. That was about the widower author. It was a good book.

Oh, and I'm a waitress now, and a college student, after years of college, wasting money and trying to find out what the heck I want to be!
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I keep running back and forth to this site! haha! I'm cooking and burning food! haha! What's new :laughing2...Well, when I grow up, I'll figure out (maybe) what I'm going to do...for now, I have to go and sweat at the gym...UGH! hahaha! I'll see ya on here soon!
Have a good nite!


PS... You inspired me to post my banner! haha! Some old and some new artwork
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Lessee now:
Lead characters...Young newlyweds driving a brand new Lexus,a group of overendowed teen-age cheerleaders returning home from a big game in a schoolbus,a brave but simple farmer/fisherman driving a $75000 pickup with a M-16 under the seat,and our Heroine;a 20 yr old female president of a world-wide corporation with her toady assistant(male)who has fainting spells and whose dialogue is restricted to saying "Yes Boss" driving along in their Mercedes stretch limo. Apparently there's no driver for the limo.

Scene...backroad New England,on the edge of a cliff overlooking a madly churning sea. Weather is the worst rain/snow storm in recorded history. Set is a huge old house surrounded by dead trees and tangled weeds straight from a jungle movie..including several that don't grow in NE,but HEY..

Plot ... All the protagonists arrive at the front gate at the same time,wherupon ALL the vehicles mysteriously die at exactly the same time. This amazing fact seems to completely escape notice of all concerned. But then they are all driving on a rutted back country road instead of the interstate where they should be in the first place. They gaze up at the house which has BLOOD running down the gutters and is being repeatedly hit by lightning. The upper 2 windows flanking the door have "lanterns" in them to resemble eyes. The house is making a moaning sound that is easily heard above the 109mph winds. The front door opens by itself with a slobbering sound like a drooling animal. "Oh Look", cry our cast. "a SAFE place to spend the night!!".(Collective smarts of a feather)On the way to the door 7 of the cheerleaders are snatched away by the dead trees,but nobody notices. As they enter the house it gives a deep evil laugh and the door slams shut behind them. The next 3 hours are given to the amazing discovery that people are vanishing. Most of the survivors go in search in places like the cellar where they just saw a huge dog-like animal vanish or the upstairs bedrooms where a howling sound is coming from. Eventually all are reduced to bloody scraps EXCEPT our heroine who is saved when the house discovers the magic talisman on the ring/bracelet that was bought at a fleamarket from a wierd looking old woman. The house vanishes in a blaze of flame. Our heroine finds herself sprawled on the now bare hilltop until swept up by her boyfriend/lesbian lover who has driven/flown by helicopter from Boston/New York to this exact spot at this exactly right time with the police force/national guard from 3 states in tow.

That sound about right folks? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Guy Flick Plots:

Lead character spends approximately 2 hours being pummeled, beaten, shot at, blown up, dragged by vehicles, dropped from buildings, and dangled from aircraft. In final 5 minutes, he manages to catch/kill opposing forces under extreme duress. Emerges virtually unscathed, gets girl, and spends not one second in hospital, as he is no worse the wear for his adventures, save perhaps one Band-Aid.

Two can play this script writing game.
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Hey guys..Im watching it now. Alicat- does something like this house really exist in Seattle????
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Is the David Dukes person who died in the movie?
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