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I can't beleive what I just read.
Why is someone that afraid of a minority that they would do this, then do some more. The last statement in the article is what I love the most.
Look Here
Then a few days later....
The police are declining to comment as to wether or not it was a Hate Crime? OMG.....the article says it clearly when the tell us it was arson, and the lovely message on their steps.
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It is indeed unfortunate that people cannot embrace differences in others, but instead turn to doing horrendous acts because what they see they cannot understand.
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Disgusting, and what's more than disgusting? That these police will not acknowledge what has been done. A hate crime.
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Its a sad world when things like this happen to people, for whatever reason. What exactly do they think crimes like these will accomplish?
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Well I think it's a no brainer that it is a hate crime. If it was just the house was just broken into no, but since it was broken into, set of fire and vandalized... it is. I don't know why the police are hesitating.
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psh.. you never know.. . a police man might live in the trailer park and was involved. Someone with high authority may not be acceptable towards gay people, hindering the investigation. Someone got payed off.

People dont think it happens but it does. Moreso in hate crimes. (towns/people/police protecting "good god-fearing white boys" who did hate crimes against black people is more common)
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Cassy, sadly you are very, very right. This is "humanity" at it's lowest and most despicable .
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Are we so homophobic in this country that we can't even acknowledge that extreme homophobia happens?!?! Give me a break. This is clearly a hate crime. It's right there in the message that was left.

I can't believe this. It's incidents like these that make me fear that we're headed back 50 years. People can be absolutely horrendous to one another.
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I had a feeling that gay people were the victims before I read the story. It would be horrible living in fear of someone trying to hurt you simply because of whom you choose to love.
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