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Music on vinyl- opinions? and pics of my latest record purchase

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My BF and I collect records. It's kind of a moot point since we don't have a turntable, but we will someday. And I think vinyl is just cool. I like the sound of a record. The quality is nowhere near as good as a CD, but it's got so much more character. Plus, I think the artwork looks really cool when blown up to record-size. It's so small and in some cases ineffective when it's CD-size.
Does anyone else enjoy vinyl?

We don't have many, and we don't have any vintage stuff yet, but we are slowly building the collection. We just picked up a new one this weekend.
Tool just released their last album as a 2 picture-disk vinyl and we had to get it. The artwork is GORGEOUS.
Front cover:

Inside covers:

One of the disks:

Both sides of each disk have different images on them. They're really cool.
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I have a friend who would looooooove to talk to you. He likes all things antique and has an absolutely huuuuuuuuge collection of vintage vinyls and old record players. Good luck building up your own collection! Let me know if you ever want to talk to my friend, maybe I could help a beautiful new relationship start out. :-)
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Heh, the only vinyl I have is the stuff I got in the 80s when it was still kinda en vogue. But I do have some cool stuff. But the pride of my vinyl is my Motley Crue Helter Skelter picture disk with the door poster still with it. I've met a lot of Crue fans who would kill for it!

That's a really cool Tool album! The best thing about albums is definitely the artwork they can put on it.
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You'd be surprized how much new stuff you can find on vinyl these days...it seems to be making a come-back. We have The Downward Spiral, With Teeth, Antichrist Superstar, and Songs for the Deaf (my personal favorite)...in addition to quite a few singles.

Vintage Crue!! Rock on!!
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My boyfriend and I have a couple hundred records. Of which, only a few (maybe 5) are new. Mostly classic rock. Vinyl is my favorite, I love the crackling sound before the record starts. It's a fun hobby too.. searching for records that you don't have. It's especially fun when you find a rare one for cheap! Quite a few of our records are worth good money.
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I have a cabinet, full of vinyl: Sinatra, Bing Crosby, the Beatles, Elvis, movie soundtracks, Broadway cast albums and a lot of honky-tonk piano music. I also have two, of the three, albums recorded by Mae West, as well as an album of quotes and 40s radio shows, featuring her and W.C. Fields.

Tucson has a HUGE store, PDQ Records and Tapes, that has thousands of records, tapes and CDs. I've been able to find a lot of obscure stuff there. Bookman's Used Books is a treasure trove, too.
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60's classic rock probably has the best cover art as well.. one of my favorites is Disraeli Gears by Cream. I always loved that cover as a kid. Other good ones.. Axis: Bold as Love, Sgt. Pepper, Cheap Thrills, Aoxomoxoa, Days of Future Passed, In the Court of the Crimson King, Yessongs, Revolver, Abraxas... just to name a few

If you are ever in NJ -- go to Princeton Record Exchange . A great record store.
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There's something in the neighbourhood of 500 vinyl LPs in this house -- maybe more, between the two collections that got merged -- and at least one working turntable -- the other one hasn't even been plugged in since we moved in 15 years ago. It's interesting to hear the old vinyl (mid 50s to mid 80s) from time to time, but it's usually only when we want to play for a guest something that we don't have on CD. They've pretty much all been well looked after -- though a few have been worn out and really aren't playable anymore -- otherwise they sound pretty good. One of these days -- HAHAHAHA -- maybe we'll get them transferred to CD, let the buffs take the vinyl off our hands, and regain a whole lot of space.
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Actually, my brother who is a musician and a mixing/recording engineer says that vinyl sound quality is far superior to CD, it just isn't portable, thus phased out.

He buys everything he can get on LP and only plays it once, in order to copy it to CD.

I have a few LPs myself, but I tend toward first pressings of older stuff.
Some examples of my collection include first pressings of the first Ventures album and The Tokens.
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