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Alley's not eating

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As some of you may have read in the "Behavior" forum, my cat Alley has been suffering from a bad urine infection. She also had e-coli which the vet thinks is gone. Now I have a new problem...because Alley's infection won't go away, the Dr. prescribed her Waltham Urinary SO cat food. Alley ate it pretty well for the first few days, now she won't eat it at all. I can't give her anything else, but I know she is starving and she won't stop crying for food. I just leave it out thinking that when she is hungry enough she will eat it, but then Phoebe (my other cat) thinks I leave it for her so she eats it. I've tried mixing VERY LITTLE other food with it to make her start eating it, but she doesn't do it. It's wet food and I think I'm going to ask for dry food instead. Until then, do you have any suggestions? I feel bad because she's hungry and losing weight...which the Dr said she's a little over weight and needs to lose some anyway. But she's crying a lot and it's a little annoying. Hely me with Alley Katherine.
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Talk to the vet ... there may be another uti food that she would feel fuller on
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Sharky is right... There are other UTI foods you can try from the vet!
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Poor little girl. You should check with your vet about this first, but sometimes, it isn't so much an issue of WHAT they eat so long as they DO eat something. There are much bigger issues that can occur by her not eating than the infections - as the other posters have mentioned, there are lots of good, high-quality urinary formulas on the market. Do a little research and ask your vet to give you some other options.

Best of luck,

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You may also wish to get a second opinion. It doesn't matter that your cat started off a bit plump - she can not (like we humans) just live off her fat for a short time, end up at a normal weight and be okay. It just doesn't work like that...a good amount of weight loss, abruptly, can lead to Hepatic Lipidosis...she really must eat something. There are other options - please ask the vet what other foods could be used, and make sure they realize that she is totally not eating, and losing weight quickly. If they don't take it seriously, get a second opinion. Click here for good article on Hepatic Lipidosis
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