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Help me find a home for Bob!!!

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About two months ago, I found a stray cat in need of serious help. I took him home with me and my two cats. I took Bob to the vet and he is totally healthy now. He got fixed and all his shots. Bob is a great playful cat, but my two original cats hate him!!!! My female, piglet, and bob get into so many scary fights that I don't know what to do. I know how playfighting looks and these fights are NOT playing fights. They bite, fur goes everywhere.... My original cats are not very playfull so I think that's why they don't like bob. I just want peace in my house again!

I really don't want to take him to the MSPA cause I know his fate there. Can you guys help? I live in massachusetts. Bob is a great cat, about 4 years old, utd on all shots, and fixed. We think he might be blind in one eye because of a possibe catarac. He is very active and would be good in another household of active cats. I Love him soo much but it's just not fair for him or my cats to hate eachother.........

Please help if you can!

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Jen....many of the people here already have cats...so reaching out here is good..but you also need to be reaching out locally to neighbors, family members and friends. I would also post on Craigslist and at your local vet offices. There is a really good PDF called "how to find homes for homeless pets" that you can find here:


which gives information on how to place ads in your local paper.

Good luck

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I don't know where Bondsville is but I have two suggestions. There is a no kill shelter in Sterling, MA. I got one of my cats at second chance animal shelter in Brookfield, MA. They seem to be able to place their kitties with good homes. The website is www.secondchanceanimals.org
You could also try petfinder.com

Good luck!
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