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I don't have many of Teddy loaded yet, but I think I figured out how to make pictures smaller now, too.
Teddy is 8 - he's an April Fools baby, too. He has one of the most distinct meows I've heard, and he's been through a lot. He was 8 pounds - which on him, is skin and bones - when we got him a year ago. He's a very very long, lanky cat, who is now 13 pounds and looks so much better!

Surprised Teddy...

Hello, I'm Teddy...

Teddy Belly! (he barely lets us touch it but he does this all the time)

Bed Ted... one of his favorite places to be, on the bed.
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Teddy is a very handsome kitty! He doesn't look a day over 5.
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Awww look at him! He's very handsome!
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Aww, Teddy looks like such a sweetie pie!!
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What an adorable guy!
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Hello Teddy! What a handsome boy!
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What a beautiful boy Teddy is!, and a gorgeous colour
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Oh yes! He is one handsome boyo.... Nice to meet Mr Teddy
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Great pictures Teddy!!, you are a very photogenic boy!
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He's gorgeous! I also love his colours (but then I'm biased because both my boys are the same!)
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Great pictures. Teddy is such a handsome boy!
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He's gorgeous!
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