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Hello, I am new here. I just wanted to find a place to seek advice on different issues with my cats and a place to talk to people who understand what it's like to own (and lose) a cat. Most of my friends own dogs. I have two cats, Turbo (female tuxedo, named by my husband, 2 years old) and Halo (female brown tabby, 1 year old). Turbo has a "sister" named Zoey who we had to put down in November when she was 1 1/2 years old. I would love to post pictures of them but I am unsure how to do that. If any can give me directions that would be wonderful!
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I use to upload photos. Upload to the site then copy either the link or image when u post here. Pretty simple. If you need more help PM me!!!
By the way- welcome!!!
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Welcome to TCS!!

I use photobucket as well!, works great
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Thanks for all your help, now let's see if I can do this.....

This is Turbo. She's our little tomboy. She's a very serious, but laid back cat. She loves to cuddle.

This is Halo. She's just a little goofball most of the time. She just adores her big sister and thoroughly enjoys tackling Turbo any chance she gets.

And this is Turbo's sister Zoey whom we had to put to sleep in November. (This picture was taken that day ) We think she decided it was her time to go so that we could rescue Halo and give her the loving home that Zoey enjoyed during her lifetime. All three girls were adopted from a rescue orphanage in Park Rapids, MN.
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There all beautiful and Welcome to TCS Hope you enjoy it here, there's lots of wonderful people, great stories and pictures, and whatever kind of help you may need, and if you need any help just give a Meow
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Hi and Welcome!!!

I am sorry to hear about Zoey.
That is the toughest decision that any of us have to make I see that you have mastered Photobucket , already. Just a small note , you might want to size them down a bit the next time you post . Some of our members are still on dial-up but you did a great job and your photographs are great, too! I think Turbo reminds me of someone....

Don't they look similar? Looking forward too see and hearing more about your two cats. Please feel free to private message me by clicking on my name and sending me a message if you need help with anything
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The are all beautiful! I'm sorry about Zoey. It's so hard to lose one. Welcome to TCS!
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Halo and Turbo are adorable.
Zoey was a darling too.
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Do all of your cats enjoy lying on their backs? Turbo and Halo are constantly sleeping on their backs. I have never had cats that have slept on their backs. They always just curled up.

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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums
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Hi welcome to the site.
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Oh I'm so sorry about Zoey! Your cats are all so beautiful! Welcome!
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Welcome to TCS

so glad you joined us here and your 2 furbabies are indeed adorable

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Zoey... if you feel up to it, maybe you could post a tribute to her in your Rainbow Bridge forum, and then that way we could all honour her
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Welcome to TCS!
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beautiful kittys! Welcome! I am donna owned proudly by the incredible trio!
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