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Method, before and after

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so Today I got sick of looking at the dirty walls and door in kitchen. that is where the dogs make their roost, and they get dirt on I got the idea of useing my method on it. since i liked it on everything else so far...

Well...I think it did pretty darn good..and i didnt have to scrub horribly hard either.


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Nice!!! Method's good stuff, that door looks awesome!
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thanks I am pretty happy with it to. now if it just stays that way lol
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Which product did you use?
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Method, all purpose cleaner..lavender scent.
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That stuff works great huh?
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I looooooove the lavender all purpose cleaner. That's what I use here!
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OOOO...sounds nice! I'd much prefer Lavender over lemon and pine! Sounds great!
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Looks nice!! Wanna come to my place next?!?! lol Speaking of cleaning products, i use simple green for all my tough projects...and i say projects b/c i hate cleaning...
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ScamperFarms...When I first saw the dirty door picture, I just had to laugh because my walls and doors look just like that from our dogs! It seems like I just get them clean, and they come in from outside playing and go sit right up against everything!
Great job! They look beautiful!
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Oh yes it does work wonderful! tehehe..and smells so lovely as well! and its safe! thats what i like best.

TEHEH thanks for the compliment. I was so proud of myself..but i know they wont stay that way, LOL the dogs are outside...when they come in..DUN DUN DUN...

next project tonight after the bathroom door. YEESH
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Method is one of the best cleaning products out there....and it's vegan! Yaaaay!
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Looks like a brand new door! I've not heard of Method...I'll have to look for it next time I shop.
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This looks great! Your hard work really paid off! Now, how'd you like to come over and do my home as well!
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hehe thanks everyone. Honestly it wasnt that hard. the hardest part right now is the two dogs are fighting like..brats.. Ugh..I just had to break the two of them apart. Isis in in heat and Athena doesnt appreciate that and..ugh its just a mess. Anyways hehe thanks for the complement on the door.
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