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How to stop a kitten from running out the door

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My kittens have always been curious, but today when I opened the door the girl zipped right out and ran circles around my apartment building. I spent about 5 min chasing after her before I got a hold of her . I know chasing wasn't probably the best idea but the complex is pretty big and I was afraid of losing her. Any suggestions on how to stop kittens from running out the door when coming into the apartment?
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I am usually carrying something when I come in the door. I open the door just a little and block the space with the stuff I'm carrying. As I do this I'm saying "Back up Kitty. Back up Kitty". This works for me. I hope it will for you too.
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Have a squirt gun or water sprayer,before you go out and there there spritz em, and the same when your coming in, put one inside by the door and one outside, they hate water for the most part I use it alot for keeping them from doing what I don't want, I perfer a bottle and get it to where it just has a stream not a mist, My basset hound tries to snap the water all up, she's goofy
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Thanks for that question. I was wondering the same thing.
My 3 babies are doing this.

Spicey ran out and even into the street!! Then my little girl laynee was nervous and looked out the door and then Lilo (the momma) ran after spicey and tried to bring her back....

That was the first time she ran out but has not been the last.

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I open the door about 3-4 inches and stick my foot to block the cats from getting out.
If I have any packages (a purse does nicely) I hold it low to also block. When leaving Ileave "sideways" and check for cats!! And if its the screen doors I pull them shut myself so they can't slip out!!
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This is one of my biggest fears! I don't know what Cupid would do if he got outside, but I don't want to ever find out either. I've seen people suggest putting a can of something that makes noise by the door and shaking it when you go out and come in, to scare your critters away. Also, keeping treats by the door and putting them down before you leave and throwing them when you get back.

I just put Cupid in his room when I leave. He will be sleeping anyway, and it's a lot safer in there than the rest of the house. A couple of times when I've opened the door to get packages, he's gotten really close and had a look in his eyes like "I want out there!!" but I managed to get the packages from the person fast enough so that he didn't get too close.

I cringe whenever I think about him getting out. I just have a feeling he'd take off because he doesn't have anything to be scared of.
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