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New here..? regarding eggs

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Hi all ... I don't write much here, but I am familiar with your loving site . How could I not be? Afterall, I do be the Meowmy of Joseph and Gina..
Anyway, I have a question that maybe someone here can help me with. I have a VERY shy cat named Gina (That "shy" part needs an entirely seperate thread from this, so I'll just stick to my first question) Gina is about a year and a half old. She has very good eating habits, and I feed them both Nutro Natural Choice which they do seem to be benefitting from. I also feed them their correct portions. I am not sure if any of that matters with what I want to know. The thing is, whenever I make eggs, Gina goes nutszels ! As I said before, she is an extremely shy/timid cat, so you don't hear to much from her. When the eggs are being made, however she turns into this outgoing little rascal who is demanding that she gets eggie! I have heard that other people have given their cats eggs, and nothing bad happened, but do any of you have any opinions or concrete knowledge about this. I have given tiny pieces to her and she just cries (and I mean CRIES) for more. She still eats her food, and she is a healthy growing girl. Just any ideas, opinions, anything really on how you feel about this, healthwise.
If it turns out that this will not hurt her, I would be happy to make them for her on occasions..Thanks guys.
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raw eggs are not good for cats, repeatedly feeding them raw eggs causes a lack of biotin and can lead to skin disorders and dull coats.

Cooked egg yolks are okay but not all the time. If you are feeding your cat quality food, she should not be craving anything else.
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My crew aren't egg freaks so I can't give you personal opinion but I found this on a web site regarding cats & eggs:

Eggs: raw egg yolk is beneficial and tasty, providing protein, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, and a host of other vitamins and minerals. The raw egg white, on the other hand, contains avatin, which breaks down and destroys the B vitamins. If you must feed your cat whole eggs, cook them first, which congeals the white and destroys the avatin.
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Raw egg yolk is definitely good for cats, egg white is not good at all.
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I was referring to cooked eggs, not raw. I have a lot of confidence in the food that I am feeding them, so I don't believe that is why she would be wanting the eggs. I just wanted to know if the eggs (cooked) would hurt her in any way. I get the feeling from these responses, that I am better off just not giving them to her altogether. Thanks so much, everyone.. Very much appreciated Such a nice thing to be able to come here and ask a question and receive such quick and elaborate responses. So sweet.
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All my cats love eggs and I give them scrambled egg sometimes as a treat. I have also had great success feeding raw egg yolk beaten into goats milk as a food for very sick kittens.
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Egg yolk raw is ok. Try feeding them organic eggs enriched with omega-3.

It is the egg whites that need to be cooked before eating, not the yolk.
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