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Moving cats

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We just put a bid in on a house. Here's hoping it's accepted. Now...my main concern. Moving my girls. What's best. Moving them first with some of there things and keeping them in a safe place in the new house. Or keeping them in a room in the old house, then transporting them to the new house once all the stuff is in it. Either way, they're going to be freaked out. Rogue gets carsick and Zora well, she's just a spaz anyway.

Any thoughts, suggestions, experiences with this?

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I have moved with 6 cats before! What I did was go to the new place and set up a room. Put litter boxes, food, toys etc. in this room. Then when you are moving all your things, move then directly to their new room. Leave them in there at least until you are close to settled!! I did that, and had no problems!! GOOD LUCK!
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Hey mssandora! I actually just moved a few days ago with my three boys and had to ask a similiar question! My boys are still adjusting but my advice is to move your babies pretty early on. I know having everything packed up around them definitely set off little red flags in my cats heads!
I moved them after we had our bedroom set up so that we could stay there and they wouldn't feel like we'd just packed them into a room and abandoned them. Its a good idea to have one room set aside for them and like emb_78 said, put all their things in it and have it ready for them. Make sure if you can that its a quiet room, preferably one that's out of the way of heavy traffic where banging and other moving noises won't freak them out! When they are ready to come out after a couple days don't immediatly let them have access to the entire house if you can avoid it. Give them access to just a couple more rooms so they can make themselves feel at home and then when they're comfortable again let them run free throughout the house. I have one cat thats extremely skittish and though its taken him 3 days to leave the bedroom he's finally gone out to explore the living and dining rooms! And believe me, if he can get up the guts to do it, any cat can! LOL!
I don't know whether it will be useful or not but you can copy and paste this link to see the responses I got to my questions. They were very useful!
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Thanks. My girls are young about 1 year and 1 1/2 years. They're crazy & hate being locked up in a room, so this will be very interesting. Especially since they were living with my husband and I in one room in a basement at my mom's when we got flooded out of our house last year during Ivan.
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