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Eyelid Q

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Another Q for everyone. Just a matter of opinion, not expecting anything professional. I'll ask my vet too when I take Jake to get neutured.

I've done reading that when a kitty's inner eyelid shows, it's a sign of physical and/or emotional stress. Well, there is SOME white that shows in the corner of Jake's eyes - should I automatically assume the worst, or is this normal?

He seems very healthy. Eats and drinks well, plays non-stop, is always running around, etc - and well he's my baby so there shouldnt be any reason for emotional stress - he's very affectionate, purrs constantly, etc etc. I treat my kitty very well =)

Does anyone have any experience w/this or any advice?
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It could be a virus. If your vet says that it is a virus, 500 mgs of lysine per day will keep your kitty's eyes healthy looking (It takes 1-2 weeks for the effects of the lysine to show, but it really, really works). Lysine interferes with the replication of viruses and keeps them under control. The powder in lysine capsules can be mixed into wet food or dissolved in the juice from a can of chicken.

Let us know what you find out.
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I had this with both my kittens, and asked two vets about it when they went for their first and second vaccinations. Both vets said that it would disappear as they got older and not to worry about it, they didn't run any tests other than a quick examination of both kittens.

I dewormed them recently, and Alfie's have almost completely gone, whilst Max's haven't. Alfie is worm free, but Max proved he wasn't by vomiting a roundworm last night Needless to say, Max is going back to the vet tonight the second I finish work.
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When you say "some" about how much?. If Rosie and Sophie are tired, a small amount of their inner eyelid can be seen as they open or close their eyes.

Heres a picture of Sophies as she was about to go to sleep.

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That's about what Alfie is like now. His eyes are clear unless he's tired or just woken up

Max's inner eyelid tends to partially show even when he's not tired. The only time his eyes are completely clear is when he's in full on hunter/prey mode!

It may well be as the vet said, Alfie is a good 2lbs heavier than Max and seems to be maturing at a greater rate so it may just be coincidence that Max has worms and Alfie doesn't (or at least doesn't apear to). Will interrogate the vet tonight!
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You can kind of see what I mean here, although it's usually slightly worse than that:

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Yes that's exactly the same, so if there like that i wouldn't worry
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Thank you. Now I just have to get some more worming meds.
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Well, got some Milbemax which the vet said would be more effective. Have to wonder why on earth he didn't just give me them in the first place. Max went to the toilet last night and passed about half a dozen or so worms, and now seems to be even more hectic than he was before so I guess he must be feeling better Gave one to Alfie too, but he didn't pass anything out of the ordinary. I have to go back in two weeks and get some more, and then hopefully the problem will be sorted.

The vet told me that I wouldn't see any tapeworms in his litter box, but the worms last night looked more like tape than round worms (flat and spagetti type as opposed to the round worm he vomited yesterday morning). Can anyone confirm this for me?

The vet also gave me some Intestinal Eukenuba which he said would help Max as he's had diarrhea, but I was dismayed to find the first ingrediants as chicken meal, maize, and chicken by products. Certainly won't be sticking to that after his tummy is back to normal! Amazes me that a 'vet recommended' product has so much rubbish in it.
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Thanx for everyone's feedback!! I'll make sure and run it by my vet, too, when I take Jake in.
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