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Cat Flap Bashing

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We have 2 adopted sisters, one noisy (Shelley) and one timid (Sassie)... they are about 4 years old and have settled in really well...

They are allowed out via a cat flap and due to Shelley being so vocal we've had to let the catflap be unlocked overnight so that she can go out. If we lock it she will put up with if until about 4:30am and then start complaining big time by 'digging' through the door and mewing).

Since Shelley has been off on her night time adventures Sassie has developed the habit of 'bashing' the catflap. I think she's pushing it with her paw so that it swings and makes a right old racket. I'm not sure if it means she wants to go out (she knows how to use the catflap?!) or if she wants attention (sometimes we get up and ask her to stop it but she's all chirpy and pleased to see us).

Basically we seem to be stuck between:
- locking the catflap and being woken up at 4:30am
- leaving it unlocked and being woken by the bashing at random intervals

We're both really tired and not sure what to do for the best... I don't know how we can train Sassie to stop bashing if she's pleased to see us (I don't fanchy my chances at getting out of bed, finding my spec and then squirting her with water before she's forgotten what it was all about!) As for Shelley, she has litter and food and toys by the bucket load but just wants to go and play.

Any suggestions?! Is there maybe a silent cat-flap - that would be something!!!

Many thanks


PS - these forums are great!
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What about a magnetic cat flap?. I wouldn't squirt water at them though
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Wow - quick reply!

It has a magnetic strip on it, that seems to just make it noisier!! We just this evening tried taking the magnet thing off and even stuck bubble wrap on there to make it quieter but nothing seems to make a difference.

I wouldn't really squirt water, lots of friends say thats how they trained their cats (meanies!)
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Awwwwww I'm laughing because i have this picture of your cat sitting pushing the flap back and forth It sounds like Sassies having a bit fun, but i can imagine the noise must get to you?!.

Can you not tire them out so they'll sleep inside until the next morning?!
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it is exactly like that!

It does make me smile when i get up to tell her to stop and she runs up and headbutts me and does a happy little 'chuurrp'

Off to bed now, i think tonight we will vote for random bashing rather than early morning wake up call!
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I can always send you some of the foam earplugs the guys at work use!
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Hi Rose,

My old cat Lucy used to be a cat flap basher (she even broke a staywell cat flap my bashing it so hard lol)

If it was me, I would get the cats in during the night and then lock and place something heavy infront of the catflap, your cats will soon get use to not going out. This is what I did to stop Lucy bashing the flap.

I use to let my cats out in the evening but after one got hit by a car I now let them out during the day, and they are kept in at night.
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I have trained mine to stay in at night and I close the flap (it is a 4way magnetic one operated by the magnet 'keys' on their collars) Too many accidents happen to cats at night. But how to stop her bashing it? All I can suggest is to put something in front of it as said. I also once had a flap that had a kind of panel you slipped in front so that the cats couldn't get to it or see through it?
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Thanks for the suggestions - it's reassuring to know I'm not the only mother of a cat-flap basher!! I looked and looked on the web but nothing about 'bashing'!!

The ear-plugs might be a good idea until they learn they can't go out! I think we will maybe try and train them by moving something heavy infront of the cat-flap or adding some kind of panel infront of it.

I guess it probably is for the best to keep them in overnight, I do worry about foxes and cars and things... I used to keep my other cats in at night but these two have somehow become spoilt and get what they want (my fault silly me!)

We have a week off work soon so maybe then is the time to do it when it doesn't matter if i need to lie-in in the morning!!
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My catflap is in my kitchen so I just shut the door at night, and they are shut out of the kitchen.
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