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Putting cat to sleep...

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I have a cat who is about seven years old, and she has very recently gotten quite obviously sick. She is down to under three pounds, and her back half is skin and bones. (She looks normal from the front, but from below her front paw and back is completely awful). At this point, I'm afraid to even pick her up. She doesn't eat, she spends all day sleeping on one of the kitchen chairs. Yesterday she tried to jump in my lap, and had to pull herself up my pant leg with her teeth.

The vets don't know what's wrong with her, and quite frankly, we don't have any more money to find out. It's not a matter of not wanting to spend it, it's that it really isn't there.

I have an appointment to have her put to sleep on Thursday, but I'm really struggling with it. Am I doing the right thing?
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I'm so sorry, this sounds awful

Have they done blood work?, or have you thought of getting a second opinion?
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They've done everything they can, and really, they have charged me less than they should have.

Like I said, I can't get a second opinion, we don't make very much, and I recently lost my job.

I just can't stand to see her suffer like that.
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Cali there are two articles you should look over

Letting Go

When is it Time
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When my beloved dog Logan was very ill, my vet gently reminded me that 90% of vet costs happen at the end of life. If the vet had an idea of what was wrong with your kitty, maybe you could pursue treatment. But from what you posted, it does sound like your cat is critically ill.

Every decision for euthanasia involves worry over whether it is the right decision. Sit down with your baby, look in her eyes, and listen when she tells she saying it is time?

Be gentle with yourself as you make this difficult decision. I know you have her best interest at heart.
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I've read on this board lots of times that cats hide their pain very well. I imagine she is in an awful lot of pain. If a cat is experiencing nothing but pain and suffering and if there is no other way to stop her pain and suffering, then the loving thing to do is send her across the rainbow bridge. If you believe that your vet is highly competent and that getting a second opinion wouldn't do any good then I think you are making the right decision.
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I am sooooo sorry that you are going through this. I just read your thread and I had a really hard time reading it with the tears comming to my eyes. Just keep strong, spend some time with your kitty, and you will know what to do. Don't second guess yourself. It sounds like you have done what you can, and you will make the best decision, which will also be the hardest.
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I am so sorry, I know it is such a difficult decision to make. I dont have any advise to give, but I am thinking of you.

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I know exactly how you are feeling. My 15 year old soulmate Chester is going to be put down tomorrow. He has kidney failure, anemia, won't eat or drink, and is just skin and bones. He used to be a good 10-12 pounds...he's under 8 now. He was hospitalized for 5 days with an IV...his weight didn't come back up and I got him to eat a few bites last night but that's it. The vet has tried appetite stimulants and a steroid shot to stimulate his appetite...he still won't eat. He's lethargic and hides most of the day, and is depressed and very weak. I'm only 20 so I've had this cat all my life...since I was 5. I'm not dealing with this well at all...I don't want to have to put him down. But there's no more treatment that they can't do for him.
As for your kitty...7 years old isn't geriatric like my cat. Chester is just at the end of his life, and I want him to go as painless as possible. Have them do some bloodwork...check for a thyroid problem, and possible kidney disease. I wish you the best of luck...and if you do decide to put her down, know that she'll have Chester as a friend in kitty heaven.
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My heart goes out to you. I have tears as I read your post. You sound like you know it is time, but its the human in all of us that really never want to have to make that decision. Be strong you will get through this....
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I also am crying as I read this! I am so sorry to hear about your baby What ever decision you make will be the right one... Only you can decide!
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Calicat and PoisonGirl,

I am so sorry for what you are going through right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.
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I hope you have tried everything possible to save her. Everything.
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These are awful decisions to make and can only be done with the best interests of the cat in mind. You have both given a lot of love and thought into this and my heart goes out to you both.
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