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Agression and spaying

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I've noticed a significant change in Sunshine's behavior since she was spayed in November. She used to be very mellow, and fairly affectionate. She was spayed in November, and I didn't really notice any difference for about a month. Then became more and more anti-social. She doesn't like to be pet, and is quite grumpy a lot of the time. She seems to be much more aggressive than before as well, she has actually scratched and attacked my husband in a much rougher manner than she used to before. He has completely stopped playing with her now, because she actually is breaking skin.

Now we did get Cymone in this timeframe ( another spayed female ), but Sunshine's behavior was already like this before we brought Cymone home. Also, they get along pretty well, no fighting and no aggression with each other.

What gives??
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It really depends. Some cats just start to change as they get older. Most tortie's are notorious for this although I have noticed it in a few other cats. Some kitties although they tolerate other cats, would rather be an only cat. It could also indicate something they are unhappy about. In some cases it can signal a medical problem. Depending on the situation and taking everything into account, you can narrow it down. Just start to think about when all of it started, how it's progressing and if any habits are different. If everything seems to be normal on all accounts, I would chalk it up to a personality change.
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