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Beastie Bands???

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I am just about to place an order for some friends and I for beastie bands collars. Does anyone on here have one of these?

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I use them on my cats.

I like them, and the cats don't mind them at all - they're very soft & lightweight so they don't bother the cats to wear, and they stretch all over for safety release.

I'll find one laying around the house every now & then because the cats can pull them off, but that's better than getting hung up in one.

My cats have been wearing their current piano-patterned ones for more than a year now (except for Christmas, when they had on their Christmas collars), and they're just now beginning to show cosmetic wear - the pattern is beginning to show a few tiny cracks, and the edges are beginning to fray from being scratched at. Regular fabric safety-release collars (non-beastie band) last about the same amount of time on my cats - they'll start to fray on the surface after about a year or so. In either case, though, the wear is cosmetic - the collars themselves are still holding up fine. I'll probably replace them soon, though, because I like my crew to look their best.

hope this helps

Actually, the only collar that's showing much damage is Mr. Underfoot's (he was sitting on my lap as I posted). The other collars are in perfect condition. I think Mr.'s collar is more worn because he spends a lot of time wrestling with our other big cat Oreo.
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Someone here was nice enough to send me one for Cupid a while ago. (What happened to Princess Purr?) I liked it a lot because you can cut it to the size you want, and Cupid's neck is smaller than most cats--especially when he was a baby. Also, it's soft on the backside, which it has to be against Cupid's skin.
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I found one locally at a gift shop and bought it because it said smellycat (Bakker has bad breath!!) I liked that you could cut it to size too!! Its his company collar.
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I haven't seen Princess Purr around here for a long time (we miss you, Val!), but she still sells the Beastie Bands on Ebay.
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Great! Thanks for your replies. I put an order in yesterday for myself and some friends at work.
For Lightning I am getting the chinese character one in black, red & white. Renny on here is getting skull and cross bones for Rambo, and a Pink Pretty kitty for Lucky.
Our other friend is getting galloping horses on blue.
And a friend of mine is getting the Chinese dragons on black.

I think they look great and being safe is good.
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i use them on mine, too. Cable has a tiger stripe, Java currently has monarch butterflies (will graduate to the 'Java cat' collar!) & Pixel's is red w/white hearts - looks pretty against that black & white fur. however, Pixel's neck is sensitive, so she has a tendency to develop bare spots, which will ulcerate. right now she's having a collar vacation. the others have no problems with them at all. i'd hesitate using them on an indoor/outdoor cat, but for indoor only i think they're fine - & lots of fun with all the different patterns!
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I LOVE Beatsie Bands!! We sell them at my store, and I reccomend them to ANY customer that is looking for a cat collar. When we get our new order in I'm buying some for my babies. Buddy is getting the black with white skull and crossbones, and Nya's I havn't decided on yet (any suggestions?).
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Ok, I am feeling embarrassed for asking but...what is a beastie band?
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Originally Posted by stormy
Ok, I am feeling embarrassed for asking but...what is a beastie band?
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they look kewl never seen any around here
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I use them on mine too and I order them from Princess Purr on Ebay.
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Originally Posted by sharky
they look kewl never seen any around here
i can't find them locally here, either - i buy them online here & here. the 2nd place will let you choose the background color as well as the design!
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I ordered mine online from Here Kitty Kitty (the 1st link in the above post). I e-mailed them and discussed which ones I wanted. Then once I had settled on what I was getting I just filled the order stuff on the website. Karen (the person at Here Kitty kitty) then just shipped my order once payment was received. Right now I am eagerly waiting to recieve my order.

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