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For you football fans....

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....the New England Patriots are going to the Superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, I could just scream!! ( I love football if you cannot tell )

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Daniela, I watched that game! Way to go. I was a wee bit sad to see Brady get injured, but thought that Drew handled himself with class. COngrats. I am a Broncos fan, my husband lives and breathes Marshall Faulk, so he is a Rams fan...But I will be excited to watch the Pats next week!!!
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Joce, I can't say I am a 'patriots' fan. But, they are our hometeam here in MA, and it sure is nice to see one of our own teams go to New Orleans. They have gone to the Superbowl twice in my life time ( 1985 & 1997 I think ) and lost both times I am so excited to see them get there............and I was also sad to see Brady get hurt. It seemed such a shame, after what a fabulous job he did all season. But Drew Bledsoe did a great job, and we won!!! We were such an underdog going in, which makes it even better!!!

I can't wait for next Sunday!!!
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I'll admit I was rooting for the Steelers, but it was a hell of a game. Wondering, now does Bledsoe get to take them to the Super Bowl?
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Deb, I think that Brady will maybe play, if not, then Drew will take them...anyone think DREW will take the BEARS to the playoffs next year, since that is where he'll probably be next year! Oh yea- I feel bad for him cuz' I HATE THE BEARS! They were cool in 85- thats it
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I guess it all depends on how badly Brady is hurt. Seems kind of ironic that Brady led them all season, and now that they are in the big game, Drew could be the one. Although, Bledsoe was a real team guy to sit on the sidelines all season.
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I think Brady will probably be the starting QB if he is healthy on Sunday.....it would be shame that he got them this far, and then he has to sit on the sidelines. But they ( him and Bledsoe ) are great sportsman....cheering on the other!!

Go Pats!!
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I checked out ESPN.com and they arent saying wazzup w/ Brady. I think he'll lead them though. They have a reasonable coach who knows who the best man is (unlike a certain Seattle coach)
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GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! They have always been my team - they will always be my team. They are so going to kick a** on Superbowl Sunday!
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hey Adymarie, are you from this area originally or just a Pats fan????

Just curious, most people don't like them!!! :tounge2:
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I lost my voice - we went skiing and watched it - 9 women screaming their heads off

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Originally posted by dtolle
hey Adymarie, are you from this area originally or just a Pats fan????

Just curious, most people don't like them!!! :tounge2:
Nope - always been a Toronto girl. Growing up I also bet on football with my dad (25 cents/wk). He never liked them, so I felt it my duty to cheer for them & I have loved them ever since.
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I had a boyfreind long ago when the Patriots virtually had the longest losing streak ever! Needless to say, he was a total fan no matter what and I respected that; hence my devotion to the Patriots! hahaha! I'm from Florida and I can't stand the Dolphins! Never could! I think it's cause of my family! hahaha! They loved them...
middle child disease! hahaha!
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I can't believe you hate the BEARS!!! Being from Chicago, I ABLSOLUTELY LOVE the BEARS!!!! I know that this has been one of their best years and they haven't done this good in awhile, but you have to give them at least some credit.

But, since the bears didn't make it to the superbowl, now I am rooting for the Patriots.
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Spooky- all throughout high school my husband had these evil, obnoxious friends (did I mention they were also in my wedding)- loud drunks who are complete bears fans...sorry- they ruined 4 life. I will love the super bowl shufflin' bears of 85, but that is it.

GO RAMS! Though I am excited for the PATS!
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