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Have you ever had symptoms with your cat?

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My cat has hot spots and we are trying to determine the cause. I have these little tiny bumps on my hands that will appear, just one at a time, every few days. A raised bump with no color (same color as skin) but slightly itchy. I am wondering what illness we might be sharing with each other and if somehow these two symptoms are related...I think it is called something like zoonoses...
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they could be flea bites, a 'disease' that really can be shared across speices!
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I've had flea bites before. You can often see the tiny point where they bit you. This is more like a tiny blister of some sort. Maybe it's not related, just thought I'd consider that possibility.
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maybe an allergy to something? have you changed washing powder lately?
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some sp3ecies of mite??
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Zoonosis is a broad description of any disease which is transmitted primarily from animals to humans, such as rabies. Most people are unaware of the most common zoonosis diseases. These include contagious internal parasites such as hookworm, roundworm, and two forms of the tapeworm. These are common diseases in cats and dogs that everyone has heard of, but you may not know that you can get these parasites from your pets.

The Stamford Health Department division of Environmental Health regularly monitors disease patterns in wild animal and domestic animal communities that may threaten human health. Though not frequently encountered in humans, such diseases are constantly present in the animal population. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, birds, and water-borne illnesses are the most common carriers of these zoonosis diseases. The department issues warnings when such outbreaks occur. For more information about zoonosis, contact the department offices, located at the Government Center , between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or call them at 977-4384.

Go to MSN search: zoonosis in cats, and there's alot of other related illness that you can find also.
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Great info! Thanks everyone. I've already started some more research and found that the scabies mite can bite humans. I don't know if it bites animals....still searching...checking the other suggestions as well...
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