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Strange kittens

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My kitten Ozzy seems to have a problem with falling asleep..like once I picked him up and held him to my face so i could kiss him and he fell asleep just like that.He falls asleep while scratching his post,while sitting,while I'm about to put him back on the floor,not like just in my arms but he falls asleep in random places.Once,I had picked him up and flipped him over so I could make sure he was male,I looked away for a second,looked back and he was asleep.

Is it normal?Its like...that thing where humans will suddenly fall asleep.Does anyone else have a kitty who does this?

My brothers kitten is afraid of ice cream cones,one of my cats goes moo and the other squeaks like a mouse.So i was just wondering...do i just have strange cats,or is this normall for them?
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If the kitty is new, it could be that he is just not getting enough sleep. Like, maybe your other cats are keeping him awake at night which is making him overtired in the morning.

Keep an eye on this, if it continues, I reccomend taking him to the vet to seek some help.
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Well,when we first got Ozzy,it was just Ozzy,no other cats.He had the sleeping problem then,but he normally slept at night in my room unless he was really hyper.Now we only have one other kitten,and he likes to pounce on Ozzy while he's trying to sleep so I have to hold the other kitten so Ozzy can sleep.

Thanks for the advice..he doesnt do it as much as before now but he still does it sometimes.
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How old is he?
All the kittens I've had would do that until they were about 5-7 months old.
Little babies just need a lot of sleep, and when there isn't enough to hold their attention, off to sleep they go.
Ivory is about 6 months now and she still occasionally just drops off right in the middle of playing, I think it's cute.

It is, however, a good idea to get him checked out by a vet just to be safe.
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My Callie is 4 months old and will do that sometimes too... not every day, but every couple of days she will fall asleep suddenly. It's funniest if she's in the middle of playing, or sometimes she'll jump on my lap for a visit and just pass right out.
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I sure wish my little one(12 weeks) would have a touch of that! She never sleeps! All the other cats are laying around snoozing and she's bouncing off the walls....day and night!
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I think Ozzy is about four months old,im not really sure though.I think its really cute when he falls asleep like that.I know what you mean by cats bouncing off walls,because during the night Ozzy and my brothers kitten sleep in my room because if we take my brothers kitten away from Ozzy he cries,and they fight almost all night long.I dont like it because when it was just Ozzy he'd curl up right against my arm and sleep and now he wont do that,i'm not very happy about having another kitten now.Any suggestions on getting them to quit fighting and go to sleep?
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