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Only two days until...

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I move to a new city. I'm not too sure if I'm excited, sad or scared. Probably a little bit of everything.

Also, Sept 1 is Joshua's birthday. He'll be two years old.

Sad thing is... he'll spend most of his birthday in a cat carrier. It'll be a 7-8 hour drive to my new apartment. Poor Joshua. That's not much of a birthday present!
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Awwww. Mommy will make it up to him, I'm sure. Happy early birthday, Joshua!
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Good luck on the move and happy early birthday Josh!

Do you know if there are any TCSers in the town that you're moving to?
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Where are you moving from/to? Any reason why? Must be exciting!

I'm sure Joshua will be fine, given enough catnip and a bit of freshly roasted chicken
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I'm moving to Montreal to go to school. I will be studying History (mostly US, Middle Eastern and African history). I can't wait to go back to school. My first class will be in one week!

I don't think there are many TCSers in Montreal. Too bad. The only people I know in and around Montreal are my family, and most of them I don;t get along with.

Joshua should be ok. He does stress easily... he'll probably hide in the new apartment for a day or two. Eventually he'll be fine.
Main thing that worries me is that I haven't seen the truck I'll be using to move. My brother is driving here and driving me back (I don't have a driver's license). I hope there are more than two seats... or else I'm not sure where to put the cats. I'm afraid it would get too hot in the back of the truck so I'd probably end up putting one at my feet and one on my lap. That will be a very uncomfortable thing to do for 7 hours!
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What a big day for you and Joshua, how exciting! You and he can have a great big celebration for his Birthday once your settled into your new home!
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awwwww poor Joshua!!! ......you must to compesate to him later! ...... I recomend a super spoil!!!! ....

Congratulations Sweet Joshua in Advance!!! ....

Sending ((((((((good vibes)))))))) for a move without lot of stress to you and Joshua!

Good luck!
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wishing you lots of luck!
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