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Loose/pinkish stool

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Hi everyone,
I have two kittens, both around 5 months. Both are eating a mix of nutromax kitten and nutromax adult (they were eating adult in their foster home, I'm in the process of switching back to kitten). Both are great eaters, haven't had a single litterbox problem, and are all around wonderful cats for a first time cat-owner like myself. The younger of the two has what I consider "normal" stool- keep in mind, I'm a first time owner so for all I know I'm wrong. The older, however, seems to have some problems. His stool is a little loose (not diarrhea, but....loose) and occasionally has pinkish regions (almost a coral color). After using the litterbox the pinkish color seems to leak for a bit (everyone throughly disgusted now?). He doesn't seem to be in any pain, and I was told that both kittens were fully vetted-- they just need rabies shots and to be neutered. Both are indoor cats, and have been with me about 3 weeks.
Any thoughts?

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Run a fecal sample to your vet and ask them to check it for you. Could you be parasites. Do the kittens have fleas? It could also be because of the food- some foods have so much grain in them it irritates the bowel when it passes thus causing bleeding, but the vet is the wise choice.

Take the litter out of the pan and use dried beans instead, then run the fecal in and get it tested
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You say you are in the process of changing their food and that can sometimes cause "poopy" problems as I understand it. But, if you are seeing discolouration in his stool, that could be blood so I would suggest you make a vet appointment for him and get a sample of his stool to take with you to the vet.

I would be concerned enough and would feel better taking him to the vet.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
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They have no fleas that I've seen at least, and have always been 100% indoor to the best of my knowledge. If anything the one having the problems is healthier, as he's a purebred whereas the other is just your run of the mill black cat.
I'm fairly confident its not blood simply because it just doesn't LOOK like blood. It's as if he ate something coral colored. I could be wrong of course, and when I get them neutered I'll also get it checked out.
The issue with taking in a stool sample is the cats are just now completing toilet training....I'll figure something out though.
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vet check is all I can recommend
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Ah, and now the same cat vomited a bit earlier today. Unforunatly I cannot get them vet checked until I get paid on Thursday....
If I do need to change food types, any suggestions? Both his vomit and stool seemed rather mucus-y. I already feed them a fairly high grade food! Perhaps I should change back to strictly adult food, even though he's young-- it could be too rich for him?
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talk to the vet... if they are sesitive try natural choice in the nutro line...
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That's actually what they're eating now.
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Originally Posted by RinaDaventry
That's actually what they're eating now.
Okay just making sure since max is not for tummy issues natural choice is ..
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