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Favorite artist?

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The "Any art buffs" thread got me thinking...

Who is your favorite artist?
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I like Lucian Freud (Sigmund's grandson), Gerhard Richter and Frida Kahlo.
As for the old masters, I like Edgar Degas for his realist/impressionist work
(and I like the ballet )

I also like Dali and Gustav Klimt.

Also, old baroque/renaissance works for their depictions of real women with cellulite and their scary religious influence.

(Oh, and an honourable mention should go to my own collection of 40's and 50's pinups including George Petty, Vargas, Art Frahm, and Elvgren)
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I still don't know that many artists but so far he's my favorite.
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My favorite by far is Dali, though I also really love Norman Rockwell's work. His social commentaries were fab!
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I don't know too much about art, but I've always loved Monet.
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I'm not an "art buff" but do enjoy it. I like Andrew Wyeth. I also like Monet.

And.... I want this picture I think I am going to ask for it for Christmas
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How did Tiggy get in that picture? I like it Chris!
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My favourite artist is Marc Chagall. Back in 2001, there was a special exhibit showcasing much of his work at The Jewish Museum in NYC, and I was really taken with him from that point forward.
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I enjoy Leslie Newcomer art, but my favorite is by Monica Van der Weer
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Frida Kahlo, Goya, Escher, Rembrandt, Titsian, Stanislav, Tihi, and Ursula Vernon for silly art.
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Although not a favourite artist, I saw the Rodin travelling exhibition at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY, last summer with my then boyfriend, and it was amazing. The more famous of his sculptures there were The Thinker and The Kiss, which really drew in the crowds. They also have a fantastic permanent collection, which includes famous works from MANY modern masters. Viewing good art is a spiritual experience for me.
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I like fantasy art. My favorite is probably Jonathon Earl Bowser, whom I've followed for several years.

I also like Luis Royo, but he's a little darker.
Okay...he's a lot darker. Still beautiful work, though.
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
Goya! I was trying to think of his name. I saw a lot of his work when we went to Spain....some of it is so creepy- it really stays with you. I loved it!
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I don't really know any artists but I do enjoy art!
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My favorite dead artist is probably Casper David Friedrich (German Romantic), although I like Magruitte a lot... I like a lot of art frankly.

Newer artists that I like are more comic/asian inspired:

Deth P. Sun - He's got some cat paintings.
Luke Cheuh
Lark Pien - Her comics about Long Tail Kitty (ltk) are ADORABLE

Can't think of any others off hand, but I know there is more...
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I love Salvador Dali, Monet, Josh Kirby (who did the covers of the Terry Pratchett Discworld novels) Renoir and Jack Vettriano - who does paintings so well they look like phtographs.
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Monet, Dali, and oddly enough Escher
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I love Dali above all else. I like surrealism and the neo-classics. I studied art history in high school and now when I look at a painting, to like it, it really has to catch my eye, to make me study it for a long time. Heironymus Bosch comes to mind - his paintings are so busy and I can just study them for hours. Same goes for Pieter Bruegel lol.
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Robert Bateman, a wildlife artist. Awesome & prolific!
Wildlife afficionados check out his work. You will love it!
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Would it count if I said myself?!

Gosh, no, really! My list is prolific!

To name but a few, David Shrigley, Dali, Cindy Sherman, Mike Kelley, Grayson Perry, Gilbert and George, Susie MacMurray, Janet Morton, Marc Quinn....need I go on?!

I love art and everything has an influence and impact on me!
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My favorites are Alberto Vargas and Kim McElroy!
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Ooh Sarah, of course you should count yourself on your list!
Wow, lots of Dali fans around here! If you ever get to St. Petersburg (near Tampa, FL), there is a really cool Dali museum.
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