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Please Help

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Hey Everyone I would really appreciate any help you guys can offer.

Two years ago my cat was diagnosed with FIV and she has had a couple of small problems until now. She has a head tilt due to an ear infection, and her ear started bleeding. She has stopped eating and drinking due to not being able to open her mouth unless she is being force fed. The vet thinks it could be a tumor or a fungus but really has no idea. Sadly I don't have enough money to keep running test. Do these symptons sound familar to anyone? Thank You!
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I have never cared for a cat with FIV, but because of the virus, it will eventually attack just about everything. Once they start to develope more serious problems, it is usually pretty progressive from there. They usually tend to develope ear, eye, mouth, bowel, skin problems, and cancer. They have even seen neurologic problems occur in FIV cats. I can see where you are getting to the point with the medical bills. With an FIV kitty, during the beginning stages, it can be fairly easy to keep up with the symptoms, but now it sounds as if it is really progressing. FIV is a horrible thing and I am sorry to hear you are going through this.
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