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11-1-84 /8-30-2000

You are not gone little furbaby.
You are with me every moment of the day.
When I kiss sister Sadie ... you are there.
When brother Dexter snuggles on my lap ... you are with us.
Before sleep quiets my mind at night, I hear your sweet meow.
Our love is eternal precious Mew.
I love you my darling,
xo xo xo
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Oh Lei what a gorgeous boy Bartholomew is I didn't realise you had lost a fur baby

RIP Bartholomew and play until you meet your mum again, not to mention your little play pals Sadie and Dexter

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Lei, I am so pleased that you have posted this tribute to your precious Bartholomew... I have been waiting for this post so that I too can honour him

What a beautiful looking kitty he surely is know that he is watching over you Lei, and of course Sadie & Dexter

Play happily sweet Bartholomew - you are deeply missed and never ever forgotton
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Lei, that is so beautiful! What a loving tribute for your precious baby. Today must be such a painful day for you. You're so right, Bartholomew is right there with you, every moment, always and forever in your heart. He is your special love, you and he shared a cherished 16 years together and love eachother so much. He is so happy and healthy now in Heaven and you will one day be reunited. Thank you for sharing this with us as today we celebrate the life of your loving baby boy. Many prayers for you today that God will give you peace in your heart. You know if you feel like talking, I'm right here anytime at all. We love you, Bartholomew.
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What a beautiful post for your Barthlomew What a tribute to you, too, for the excellent care and love that you showed this beautiful boy for 16 years. Your baby is looking down and thanking you for that. And he looking forward to the time that he will see you again .
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Oh Lei, Bartholomew was such a beautiful boy!
He sounds like he was such a special kitty and loving friend.
Thanks for sharing your lovely tribute for him.

RIP sweet Bartholomew
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*hugs*Lei*hugs* I am very sorry about the loss of your beautiful bartholemew. Just know that he is safely at the bridge playing with all of his poodie and doggie friends and watching over you and Dexter and Sadie kitty.
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What a loving tribute to Bartholomew!
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What a beautiful boy! Looks so much like my Festus! I am very sorry for your loss, may Sadie and Dexter continue to comfort you. Thank you for sharing your tribute to this special guy.

Rest in peace, Bartholomew.
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Oh, what a beautiful tribute to a beautiful boy! I would that every kitty who ever passed to the RB had known the love and care that Bartholomew knew from you. {{{HUGS}}} hon, from me and my crew.
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He is lovely. Play at the bridge Bartholomew until the day that you are reunited with your meomwy. I am so sorry you lost him, hugs.
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Oh Lei - what a beautiful boy Bartholomew. How lovely that you got to share so many wonderful years with him. He lives on in your heart and the special memories that you hold of him. It's wonderful that you take the time out to celebrate what a wonderful companion he was. Today must be bittersweet for you.
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Oh Lei Bartholomew is looking down to you, Sadie, and Dexter and can only be very very proud. He will know your love until one day you meet him again. Play at the Rainbow Bridge sweet angel Bartholomew, you are so very much loved, RIP~
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Great homenage to the memmorie of Bartholomew......My deep condolences Lei..
Certainly he´s going to be on my thoughts and my prayers today..
RIP Little angel...
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Oh Lei, I'm so sorry. Bartholomew was a gorgeous boy. I'll bet he is a beautiful kitty angel now. It is wonderful that you had so many wonderful years with him. I'll bet he will greet you at the bridge with headbutts and kisses galore. I hope the love that you two shared will comfort you until then...
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What a wonderful tribute to your lost friend.
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Bartholomew was so very beautiful. I'm so sorry for your loss and pain you must now feel. Remember you two will be together again.
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