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Hi again,

I have had this little idea for the last few days...

I am currently cat-sitting my boss's kitten, whichhappens to be my kitten's sister. The two of them get along so well and are always occupied and playing or sleeping together... Since I am working all day and also on the weekend not always around, I was wondering if it is advisable for me to get a second kitten, so that my Singa has some company and isn't bored when I'm not around.
What do you think? And if you think it is a good idea, the what do I have to look for? Singa herself is a little Singapore street-kitty. There are tons of tehm for adoption here in Singapore. should I get her a friend of the same age? Or can it be younger? Should it also be a female or rather a male (of course getting them spayed /neutered asap)?

I'd love to get your feedback!

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I think it's a great idea to get a companion. When our cat Pushkin came into our lives, we waited about a month then got him a little brother to grow up with. They've been great company for each other - playing and sleeping together. I feel much better about leaving them alone beause they have each other. Now is the time to do it, because it's much easier to introduce another cat when they're still kittens.
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That's what i thought too, but I was wondering if the cats then would more concentrate on each other and not focus on me anymore. I am experiencing this now. Singa alone is much more cuddly then the two of tehm together!

Another thing is that I am afraid two cats might wreck my place :o)

And what I have noticed is that Singa is a bit jealous (?) of Chica (my bosses cat) when she plays with some toy. Singa will not play with a toy then at all and just look at Chica in envy. It looks like she is sad that she doesn't have such a nioce toy... so I give Chica a different toy and the other toy to Singa and the same thing happens again. And in the end singa will 'attack' Chica while she is happily playing with a toy.

I really can't make up my mind at the moment. I would appreciate if someone give me advice on the pros and cons!
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Getting Sophie to keep Rosie company was the best thing i ever did!.

They play together, wrestle together, groom each other and snuggle up with each other and they still find time to come up on my lap for a snuggle as well

Rosie could be standing grooming herself, minding her own business, when Sophie will jump on her from behind, but she's just playing.
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i have 3 kittens and seeing the bond they have together i would not have it any other way.they look out for each other, they play cuddle. sometimes they fall out with each other. they all compeate for the best place to sleep on my lap. and they are all very clingy to me. having cdompany means a happier more confident cat, that learns to be a cat as they learn to communicate with each other. also a cat with company is less likely to destroy the house because they are preoccupied withere companion. and less likely to develope behavioural problems. its important to choose the right companion as a bad match is worse than no match at all.
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Originally Posted by pussy_galore
its important to choose the right companion as a bad match is worse than no match at all.
But how do I go about??? Do I need to take her with me to see a new kitten (she will probably not behave as normal in a different surrounding...)
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Originally Posted by x-ta-Z
But how do I go about??? Do I need to take her with me to see a new kitten (she will probably not behave as normal in a different surrounding...)
I wouldn't take her with. The other kitten might have something that your kitten could catch; it might stress your kitten out to be in a different environment; and introducing cats to eachother immediately is a bad idea in general. What I would do is go to the different places with your cats personality in mind. For instance:
My little chester is full of energy, is a very loving and social cat with other animals. I would try to get a cat who shows the same characteristics towards the other cats he/she is with. For Chesters companion, I would avoid a cat who "likes her/his space", is "quiet" or who has been raised as an only cat. So, think about what your little Singa might look for in a friend and try to find one as compatible as possible.
Make sure to seclude the new kitten for a week and have a vet check before introductions. It's easier to make one kitten healthy, then to deal with 2 sick ones.
I hope it's at first sight
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It seems like an odd thing to say, but I think you have to imagine yourself as your cat when you are looking at adoptees. I had Sam for over a year, and I think I knew him pretty well. I looked at the cats at PetsMart, and loved lots of them. But I waited until I saw one through Sam's eyes, so to speak, with a personality that I though he would like. And that was Bailey. I didn't decide based on which cat I liked best, I kept thinking about which cat Sam would like best.

Sam is very assertive, although not physical. He tolerated other cats that he was around, but wanted them to do things his way. He is a big guy, and wasn't bothered by other cats as long as they were smaller than him. But mostly, it seemed like he would like to be Alpha, and would get along with another cat that seemed more timid, and willing to be "bossed around".

On the day I found Bailey, there were some absolutely charming and beautiful cats, but they all seemed too outgoing. I picked Bailey because she seemed very deferential, and shy, but also very lovable. And I was fortunate, I chose correctly, as they have never had a fight since the day I brought her home. I put the carrier down, and Sam rubbed noses with her through the carrier door.

I did keep her in isolation with a very gradual introduction, but they got along extremely well immediately.
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hmmmm... I have only had Singa for 1 month now and I find it difficult to see through her eyes

From what I can tell about her behavior with her sister (I am currently cat sitting her sister at my bosses house together with Singa) I would characterize her as the following
- a bit more shy when it comes to playing with toys or when I come into the room (which is funny, because she knows me better than her sister does); when i come home her sister will be right next to the door to greet me, but singa will be hiding until I call her
- her sitster is far more nosy and interested in things (e.g. what a hairdryer is)
- as i mentioned before, she seems jealous when her sister plays with some toy without her being part of it and will "attack"
- in play-fight she is usually on top and will try so long until she wins the game
- she is not a lap cat. but when her sister comes to lie on my lap she will definitely come around and at least try to cuddle up somewhere with me.
- she is very naughty

So what would be the best match????
I'm afraid that a shy cat will suffer under her. One that is too loving towards me might also have a hard time with her (but I'd like that ) But one that is too bossy ... I'd think she'd be fed upp with very early...

It's soooo difficult! HELP!!!
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I'd look for a laid-back male kitty frankly. I read once that you should try to get a cat that "compliments" your own cat (so if they like to climb, get a cat that doesn't, if they are high strung, get a cat that's laid back, etc)

I've heard girl kitties can have more trouble getting along (my kitties are both girls, but they are sisters) so a boy seems a safe bet.
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I'd get a kitten around the same age. As for sex it doesn't really matter. Singa is so cute!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Getting Sophie to keep Rosie company was the best thing i ever did!.
I believe you! .... ....
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There are oso many here in

Singapore. I don't know where to start!

I'd luv to take them all !!! Wouldn't you?
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Oh my goodness you are spoilt for choice aren't you!.

Their all precious, but good look in picking one to give a loving home
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